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Praying with Power

Praying with Power

To become a strong woman of God, it all starts with developing a powerful prayer relationship with Him. It’s in our face-to-face “alone time” with Him that He reveals His love to us and empowers us with a supernatural strength. He loves us and longs for us to come into His presence. In James 4:8, God gives women an open invitation to come close to Him – to come next to Him, and be near Him: “Draw nigh to God, and He will draw nigh to you…” (KJV). That certainly sounds like the Father wants a close, deep, face-to-face encounter with His beautiful daughters! He wants to know us and reveal to us the incredible power we have available to us.

As strong, godly women, we can come boldly into the throne room to talk to our Father with great expectation of all our needs being met! We should have no fear – just total and complete assurance, because we know He loves us. When we are that secure in His love, we understand that when we pray, we are praying with His power and anointing.

No matter what trial we are going through, we are not defeated! We are strong, and God has given us the ability to pray with power as we:

  • Come to the Father as His beloved child.
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to help us find the specific scripture that fits our need.
  • Speak the scripture with the authority given to us by the Father.
  • Rest in the Father’s arms until we see His promise come to pass.

God wants us to have such a deep and powerful relationship with Him so that He can give us His victory, favor, love, peace, joy, and constant, unbroken companionship. It’s as simple as that! Love Him as He loves you, and it will be the most powerful prayer you have ever prayed.

If you are not yet a daughter of God and would like to be, simply pray these words:

Dear Heavenly Father, I want to be Your child. I ask You to forgive me of all my sin. I believe that Jesus is Your Son and that He died for me and is seated by Your side in heaven. I want to live for You and be Your child for the rest of my life! I want to know You, and I want to grow to be a strong and powerful woman of prayer. Amen.

Our Family Shield of Faith

Shield of Faith BLOG

“Hurry, say ‘Amen’…you’re gonna make us tardy!” The thought running through their adorable little heads each morning before I let my daughters out of my sight for the day. While praying this particular morning, I must have said something to peak the curiosity of my daughter, Macy. As we sat together later that evening, chatting […]

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Getting on Board with the Lord’s Vision

Getting on Board_Vicki

Years ago, in a dream, I was called into an open field where my pastor was standing, wearing a white sailor’s suit and a captain’s hat. Behind him was a huge, white cruise ship. In my amazement, he informed me that everyone was on board and waiting for me so that the ship could sail. […]

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The Feminine Touch

  Remember the movie My Fair Lady? It began with wise Professor Higgins making a wager with a friend that he could take a girl off of the street and change her life by teaching her the principles of proper speech and etiquette. He soon made a frivolous girl named Eliza the focus of his […]

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Faith Doesn’t Take No for an Answer (Part 2)

Even after the Canaanite woman was told she didn’t “qualify,” she continued to worship Jesus and put her unashamed desperation on display. “But He answered and said, ‘It is not good to take the children’s bread and throw it to the little dogs’” (Matthew 15:26 NKJV). Now He has insulted her! Talk about adding insult […]

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Faith Doesn’t Take No for an Answer (Part 1)

Faith No Answer

Let me tell you a story about a woman who was determined to see her daughter set free, no matter what obstacle tried to get in her way. The story is taken out of Matthew 15:21-28, which tells of a Canaanite woman who went to where Jesus was, crying out to Him to be merciful […]

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The Ultimate Car Wash


One day, this past winter, I was getting into my car to go to work. It had been snowing and melting, and snowing again. I thought to myself, “Yuck, when will this car ever get cleaned?” The Lord began to speak to me, and He said, “This car is like many of My children.” We […]

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Worship in Brokenness (Part 2)


This week we continue to learn how moments of brokenness can be transformed into monumental, life-changing encounters with God. The exchange of the pain of brokenness in the flesh in return for the beauty of brokenness in the Spirit is poignantly illustrated in the account of the woman with the alabaster jar. “While he was […]

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Worship in Brokenness (Part 1)

Most of us know the nursery rhyme that chronicles the demise of Humpty Dumpty.             Humpty Dumpty sat on the wall             Humpty Dumpty had a great fall             All the king’s horses and all the king’s men             Couldn’t put Humpty together again I have recited this poem many times during my childhood, but […]

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