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As I sit and watch the aspen leaves change to a crisp glowing yellow, the urge for warm, scrumptious soups full of harvest vegetables grows in my stomach. Growing up in South Africa, Lamb Bredie was a traditional stew of lamb and vegetables that my mother served frequently. The dish gets its name from a Portuguese word (bredo) used to describe boiled greens, because it may have originally been a green stew. The term was presumably introduced to Southern Africa by Portuguese sailors. Today, there are a wide range of bredies in South African cuisine and they are always served with rice. This one is my favorite, so I hope you enjoy it!

Lamb and Tomato Bredie 


1.5 lbs of lamb chops or French lamb shanks **
1 medium yellow onion cut into thick slices or medium sized pieces
6-8 Roma tomatoes cut into ½ inch slices
5-6 medium sized Idaho Russet potatoes cut into thick slices
2-3 cloves of garlic crushed
3-4 teaspoons of fresh rosemary or 2-3 teaspoons of dried rosemary
Salt to taste (I prefer Celtic Sea Salt as it is rich in minerals)
Cracked black pepper to taste
3-4 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil
Large pot with lid for stews


Heat olive oil in pot and brown or caramelize lamb chops on both sides. This will ultimately add to the flavor of the stew. If you use the French lamb shanks, separate each shank by cutting with a knife. Layer rings of onion on top of lamb chops. Sprinkle salt, pepper and garlic on the onions. If you use fresh rosemary, bruise the rosemary with a knife to release the flavor and add to stew, then layer tomato slices on top of onions.  Layer potato slices on top of tomato and prepare to simmer with lid on pot. Potato is the last ingredient you add to the pot.

Don’t stir and allow the stew to simmer on low for about 45 minutes to an hour, checking half way through to make sure that the tomatoes are drawing a liquid and that your stew is not dry. The stew should not be dry; however, if you encounter this, you may add a tiny bit of chicken stock, although this should not be necessary.

Stew is ready when tomatoes have settled throughout the stew, potatoes are cooked through and your lamb is tender (falling off the bones). The potatoes will thicken the stew juices a little.

Serve with rice and salad. I prefer Lotus Foods Heirloom Forbidden Black Rice.*** It has a wonderful nutty flavor which goes well with the lamb and is also much healthier than the starchy white rice.

A simple and delicious salad dressing to compliment your stew is one part olive oil to two parts orange juice and as much garlic as you like, with salt and pepper to taste.

** Several stores sell both lamb chops as well as the French lamb shanks, although if you can find organic, grass fed lamb that’s always best.

*** Your typical health food grocery stores sell the Lotus Foods Heirloom Forbidden Black Rice, or you can order it online.


Power and Poise: Radiating in the Workplace


Have you ever seen a career woman at a conference or in the workplace and thought that she was beautiful? Maybe it was the way she spoke or presented herself that impressed you or, you might have been swayed by the way she was dressed. How do we define beauty in the workplace?

My very first corporate job began at the positive working atmosphere of Dole Food Company. The culture was enriched with great amenities, benefits, work perks, and the opportunity for career advancement. With that there were also corporate policies, including a requirement for all employees to wear formal business suits to work. I was surrounded by many beautiful and intelligent women. The importance of the outward appearance in those days was necessary; however, looking beyond the well-tailored suits, there was an extraordinary beauty that was exhibited by these career women.

As women, our outward appearance is important in the workplace (if we want to be taken seriously and promoted to positions of influence), yet it cannot be compared to the inner beauty given to us by God. The beauty that comes from the spiritual and innermost depths of our souls is what leaves a permanent, if not everlasting, impression on others.

Here are a few points to consider as you strive to bring forth your inner beauty in the workplace:

  • Communicate effectively to ensure there are no misunderstandings in objectives, goals, expectations, and so forth. Be careful when choosing between oral or written forms of communication and always pray for wisdom before you take any action.
  • Check your motives when responding to issues, offering advice, or participating in team projects. Having the right motives will keep you out of trouble.
  • Be consistent and exhibit good habits. Avoid too much chatter. Get to work on time and ensure that you follow your workplace policies and procedures.
  • Have a positive attitude and offer help to team members, while completing assigned tasks effectively and on time.
  • Listen to new ideas and encourage other people to share their points of view.
  • Be beautifully assertive and set healthy boundaries. If you are in a position of authority, assert your position to ensure that you will be taken seriously in order to meet deadlines. If you are in a subordinate role, ensure that you follow procedures so that when questioned, you will be able to prove that your actions were based on the guidelines company policy.
  • Giving help freely (with the right motives and intentions) will position you for greatness. The word of the Lord says that we reap what we sow; when we give, we will receive.
  • Your outward appearance should reflect your inner self. So as a confident woman of God, dress beautifully, modestly, appropriately for the work environment, and in a manner that reflects your unique style.

Sponsor other people’s visions and help build each other’s dreams! Our acts of kindness will always be remembered by those we help.



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