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The evening started off with “campfire” food outside and inside, which created a great time of fellowship.The food was prepared by Danon Gale and it was exceptional.

The foyer of the church was decorated with various shields and swords, royal robes with fur trim and bronze statues of armor dispersed around for display. There were banners of Crosses hanging overhead, like you would see inside of a castle.  During this time, there were other things that the “Warrior Princesses” could do such as getting “feathers” and braids put in their hair, and tattoos created with sharpie markers by artist, Laura Ilg.


After a time of food and festivities, we gathered into the sanctuary.  The videos playing on the big screen welcomed us with songs about being , “Brave!” Then the Praise & Worship team led us into powerful singing declaring that our God is strong and mighty! The Shine singers, led by Anita Roper, presented a song originally from Bethel Music called “You Make Me Brave.”  They did a heart rendering and jaw dropping job presentation. It began with a video of women who have overcome great adversity and have now become, brave. Then, a young warrior princess, Alicia Muniz, entered the stage with her warrior clothing and bow and arrow. As she approached the stage it sent chills down our backs as she wielded that big bow and arrow like it was born to be a part of her and shot an arrow that I am sure took out her enemy!  It was very fascinating and powerful to observe! Next our singers came out of the huge tent displayed on the platform, created by Milli Clopine. As they sang, “You Make Me Brave,” Nichole Vasquez came out in the middle of the song and truly touched every heart as she sang and worshipped the King from her wheel chair! Flaggers with excellent expertise added beautiful flag dancing and overwhelmed the whole audience with their showmanship! Then women, who were staged all over the sanctuary began coming out of their seats and standing up front on the stairs as they sang, “You Make Me Brave!” It was a high level and deeply touching presentation that we will never forget!  

Gayla Bagwell gave all the “Warrior Princesses” exceptional training throughout the evening with all the visuals that God placed in her heart many weeks ago. It is amazing to watch as her team catches the vision, then produces the many details needed to create a message that you can literally see, feel, and taste. The children’s areas and the men even have outstanding decorations and teaching that are inspired by Gayla’s vision. It’s always like “opening night” of a large stage production! And, God gets all the glory!

Gayla also brought a strong message about becoming a “Warrior Princess” in the kingdom of God. She taught on how to defeat the enemy and about the weapons that the Lord gives us to use and to win our battles. She had a sword and a shield by her pulpit as well as a quiver full of arrows that had great prophetic significance. The teaching was concluded by showing a video clip from the movie, War Room. Gayla challenged the women to create a space or a room in their own home to pray and battle for their families, their health, their finances, their work place, their school, and their sphere of influence. Women joined Gayla with a war cry as they all stood at the front of the auditorium and raised their voices to defeat the enemy!  It was powerful and prophetic!

And last but definitely not least, upon leaving the building, there were campfires out front for making S’mores!  Many shared their victories around the fire pits as they realized they are bold, strong, courageous, and brave in Christ!

Phil. 4:13, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”


Be Brave

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Upcoming Gayla Family Event – “BE BRAVE”

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