Creating Spaces

God loves creativity! He Himself is creative – Just look around at this amazing world that He has made for us. I love Romans 1:20 because it explains clearly to us that ever since God created the world, His everlasting power and deity (however invisible) have been there for the mind to see in the things He has made.

I love for my home to look fresh and new. I love to change it with the seasons so it can reflect the beauty of nature and all that God has created, but I don’t have the budget or the time to constantly redecorate. There is, however, an easy way to achieve life and change in your home.

Plants bring life and are the finishing touch to accessorizing your home. Plants and flowers are beautiful; they transform a dull or lifeless room into one that is fresh and alive. For instance, adding plants, baskets, and accessories around your kitchen sink can change the nature of this environment from utilitarian to inviting. Having living plants in your home is like having the Holy Spirit alive inside of you. As born-again believers, we are new creations; each of us is unique, but all of us have the life and nature of God in our spirits.

Here are some more creative ideas for how you can use plants to liven up the different spaces within your home.

The large copper container is too deep to hold the daffodils and display them attractively, but by placing the three small plants inside the copper bowl, then putting it inside of the copper pot, an attractive grouping is achieved. Finishing touches like covering the plastic and dirt with Spanish moss will give your arrangement an appealing presentation.

Forcing bulbs is so easy and can be so much fun. For expert advice, check out The growth is very slow in the beginning, but once they get started, paperwhites can grow an inch a day. Don’t be afraid to mix plants in your groupings. In this photograph, two types of plants are grouped in three different containers. What makes it appealing is the monochromatic color scheme of the plants and the balance between size and shape of the containers.

Here we are forcing two hyacinth bulbs in a powder room. Interior bathrooms are good locations to get bulbs started because they do not require much light in the beginning. The twin bulbs are placed just above the water line in the vase; this forces the roots to grow to the water. Once they are established, the bulb will rapidly shoot upward, producing one to three flowers per bulb.

Bamboo is so easy to grow; all it requires is water and a little indirect light. It will thrive in almost any indoor environment and will last for years. In this photograph, you can see the warm, rich difference these arrangements make around this small fireplace sitting area. These items were all purchased very inexpensively.

This piano niche would not be nearly as attractive without the Schefflera tree. When decorating, try to alternate hard and soft elements so that the flow of your design will be more appealing and welcoming. Notice the balance of the hard surfaces (the piano and window), and the soft surfaces (drapery, the plant, and the screen).

The combination of the height and color of this beautiful orchid add drama to this dining room. Orchids are so easy to grow; they will re-bloom with proper care.

God is glorified when we create something beautiful and then use it to bless other people. There is a part inside each one of us that loves to create, but sometimes the fear that things won’t turn out exactly how we wanted keeps us from allowing our unique personal style to shine through in our homes. When we create a home environment that expresses warmth and comfort, we can use it to show those around us that we are people of compassion and mercy – that our homes are a happy and safe place to share the joys and sorrows of life.


Isaiah 43:18-19

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