You’re the King’s Daughter

Kings Daughter

Please don’t be offended that I walk with head held high.

That my bearings somewhat regal, or there’s purpose in my stride.

It’s not that I’m conceited.

It’s that my destiny is divine, and so my eyes are focused and I cannot waste my time.

I boldly face my future, and build upon my past.

I’m guarded by the spirit and walking in God’s path.

I’m pure; I’m wise and holy. I’m excellent in God’s sight.

I’m strong; I’m whole, and perfect. Outstanding in His light.

So do not be confounded by my confident confession.

And do not be dumbfounded when I overcome oppression.

For Jesus is my Father, I’m an heir to His throne.

I’m ruling in the Earth realm, but in Heaven is my home.

Therefore, I’m not troubled by the tempter’s evil snares,

nor will I hinder, by daily trail I bare.

When life puts the pressure on, be sure I won’t be braking.

I am a King’s Daughter; I’m royalty in the making.

Recap of a Royal Event Entitled, “PREPARED” on August 28, 2022

What would a royal party be without food fit for a king or queen? As the royal daughters of God entered the foyer, the sense of smell from fragrant food claimed our attention as well as the beauty of pink, pink, pink everywhere. It was beautiful and inviting. There were food stations offering braised beef bruschetta, smoked salmon bites and shrimp cocktail, and my favorite station was the selection of desserts created by Chef Danon Gale who had prepared many delectable items such as chocolate covered eclairs, French macaroons, fruit tarts, cake pops and chocolate dipped strawberries. The most fun station was the Pink and White Candy Bar as it is always a huge hit with the ladies. I have to say that all the food was sumptuous and delicious; beautiful to the eye and pleasing to the palate – heavenly creations for the King’s royal subjects.

After a time of eating and meeting new friends and greeting old ones, we walked royally into the auditorium which was even more inviting than the foyer. Because we are daughters of the King, there were pink royal carpets laid down the aisles with pink and white rose petals gracing each side of the carpet, and as we entered we were given the most “royal” looking gold boxes with a sparkling crown comb for each lady to put in her hair. The gift boxes were filled with gifts fit for a princess and a queen: a candle sitting in a crown votive cup to remind us that we shine in dark places because we carry the glory of the Lord, bath sea salts with rose essence to remind us we are chosen and set apart as royalty, a bottle of Myrrh representing the anointing we carry, and two beautiful rose petal soaps, one pink and one lavender which give us the fragrance of a sweet and gentle spirit.

The stage was grandiose with decorated regal-looking columns of pink, white and green hanging flowers that showcased the grand piano full and overflowing with exquisite flowers.

This alone would make any royal person feel noble and stately. It truly was breathtaking to see and to gaze upon all evening long. We had an exquisite time of worship for our King – Jesus, Lord of Lords and King of Kings. The presence of God was very strong because we were lifting Him up with our praise and adoration.

We were then treated to a truly majestic form of worship by two beautiful ballerinas, Annika Bagwell and Alexandria Bagwell. They danced to the worship of The Throne Room Song.

Before the message there was an exciting time of giveaways for the royal daughters, both teens and women. The gifts are always beautifully wrapped and consisted of spa-like items which all the women especially enjoy. Questions are asked and the woman or teen who has the correct answer and gets to the front of the auditorium before anyone else will end up carrying off the prize. It is usually very competitive and fun!

Of course a royal event must have a Queen and our Queen is Pastor Gayla Bagwell. She receives a vision from the Lord for these beautiful times with Him. Her message to us was about being “Prepared” as we are subjects of the King and need to be ruling and reigning with Him here in this life. Her favorite scripture is Psalms 45:13. She emphasized that once you receive Jesus as your Lord and Savior, He becomes your King, which makes you a King’s daughter! There were many royal props and illustrations that made her message come to life. She also prayed over and ministered to each lady in the sanctuary and anointed them with the oil of Frankincense.  

Every lady there was beyond blessed by the food, the music and worship of our King, the fellowship and especially the message. It was such a refreshing for all and no one  wanted the evening to end! A truly splendid evening in all ways celebrating who we are as Kingdom ROYALTY!

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“Prepared” A Gayla Family Event

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