Something’s Brewing – Part 4

It can take years for a dream to fully develop! I love the story of Oral Roberts. God gave him a dream of a university at the age of 17, but he didn’t see it happen until he was 47! In the waiting period, he studied, planned, and gained insights.

Set goals! Setting goals keeps you from sitting on the sidelines just waiting for something to happen. Read about your area of interest, take classes on it, inquire of others, plan, and gain insights. Take action steps toward the goal that leads to your dream!

4 Phases of a Dream:

  1. Dream Seed – It’s planted inside of you. It’s exciting, yet it can cause apprehension. You don’t know if you can do it, or whether or not you’re capable or ready yet.
  2. The Test – waiting…waiting…waiting. This is the time during which it’s almost forgotten. During this season you will discover your true motivation. This is also when character is developed! You may also realize that your dream may need to be redefined. Your dream will become purified in every aspect during this time.
  3. Helping Others Fulfill Their Dreams – When you are wondering about your dream, that’s when you should help others fulfill theirs! When you get tired of working and working and helping others, you could find yourself in your own “dream field”! I love the story about Ruth in the Bible. I call it the “Field of Dreams”!
  4. A Dream Comes True – Isn’t it funny how we look at people as being “overnight successes”? In reality these people have been working for years to accomplish their dream! Dreams take lots of work, perseverance, and patience! (Repeat that to yourself.)

Don’t give up on your dream! Hang on to it, fight the devil, and press toward the mark! Your dream is waiting just around the corner to come true!

I think I smell something brewing…

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