Royal Runner Breakfast

What a phenomenal success the Royal Runners Breakfast Event was for the ladies at WOLCC!  Gayla gave an exceptional word to the women that brought a huge shift (shift meaning a change of direction or place) in the hearts of those who attended.  She encouraged us to keep going and gave us many words of wisdom on how not to shrink back from the task at hand, but to run the race to WIN the eternal prize!

Many women have been in a time of great stress and exhaustion from doing all that is required to keep running the race.  Thus, they have laid aside their dreams because the journey has become long and tiresome. But God spoke to Gayla to tell the women, “Pick up your dreams again and run the race set before you.” It is time for us to stand up and run again – not in our own strength but in the power of Christ.

We have the power of Christ inside of us to run the race of life. Though we may fall or get injured along the way, God is with us and gives us the power we need to overcome. This power can be defined as Hyper Mega Dynamite Power, which can equate to us being like “Superwomen”. Pastor Gayla challenged all the women to put on our superhero capes and walk around our home, reminding our families that with Christ we have the power to do anything.

This event truly ministered to every lady in attendance, and all were encouraged and inspired to get back up and keep running. We are Royal Runners designed to run the race set before each of us so that we may obtain the eternal prize of hearing the Father say, “Well done, thou good and faithful servant.”

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Inspiring Teaching from Gayla 



Royal Runner Breakfast


  1. Michelle Lucero says:

    Absolutely LOVED this! Thank you, Pastor Gayla for this lovely time we all shared together!

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