Living Life by God’s Design – Not by Default: Part 1

We only get one shot at living life – one chance. Why, then, would we ever spend it passively, in a mode of default? According to the dictionary, “default” is defined as “a failure to act; inaction or neglect.” To translate that, living by default would mean a failure to show up for our lives, relinquishing our right to a choice, and ultimately, living lives of inaction or neglect. While in default, life just happens to us, and we accept it without understanding and without awareness.

Every circumstance, as well as every word spoken to, over, or about us, has the potential to change us, and (more often than not) that change comes in the form of a limiting belief – an invisible barrier that holds us captive. Without understanding and awareness, we are oblivious to the new belief system that these events and circumstances have subconsciously formed. An example of a limiting belief would be a woman going through a divorce; so often, unknowingly, this woman buys into the belief that she is not good enough, not woman enough, and not worthy enough to be loved. This limiting belief becomes the filter through which all new relationships will be viewed should she choose to not seek Christ’s healing in her wounded soul. In order to ultimately overcome our circumstances and live by God’s design, we must take the following three steps.

1. Self-Awareness

Today’s culture feeds the desire for a quick fix for everything. However, that is not how our human emotions and brains work. Changing a belief is like continually hitting our heads against a wall. But we must first see the wall before we can stop hitting it! We cannot change what we are not aware of, and as a result, the first step towards creating positive change within our lives is self-awareness. Change begins when we recognize and acknowledge the limiting belief.

Take time this week to examine your heart and actions. Become increasingly “self-aware” of what things are operating in your life that is contrary to what God has designed for you.


  1. Hello,

    Self- awareness is probably the hardest step of the journey. It is never easy to admit our faults and even harder to admit the lies that we believe about ourselves. I’m not pretty enough, I’m not skinny enough, even if I work harder I will not get that promotion, etc. Thankfully, through Christ, we are more than overcomers. The problem is that while we are in the thick of those tough times, we don’t believe we are mighty through Christ. The situation overwhelms and we feel as though we are drowning. That is when you grab the life raft which is the Word of God and look for life enriching verses that speak to your situation.

    Does anyone have a suggestion for a good devotional or woman’s Bible that can help me with this principle of reaching for my life raft?


    • Hi Lina,

      Yes self-awareness is definitely the hardest part. We as women can so easy get caught up in the trap of not feeling good enough and start comparing ourselves to others. Thankfully we do have God’s word to be the word of life, love, and hope for every situation and season in our life.

      Some great resources for women is the bible “True Identity” and a great devotional is the book called “His Princess” by Sherri Rose Shepard. It is written as love letters from God to use as his daughters. Both are so wonderful and will bring great encouragement into your life.

      Praying that God continues to uplift you in His loving arms and gives you hope, peace, love and strength daily.

      Keep Shining for Him!

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