Living Life by God’s Design – Not by Default: Part 2

We have all walked through seasons in our lives where circumstances and battles get us down which causes us to respond and act in ways that are not the ways that God designed for us. Last week we looked at how self-awareness is the first step to living by God’s design. Let us look at step two.

2. “Letting Go”

The second step in changing a belief is to let go of all the feelings and emotions that have locked the belief in place. Traditionally, we as women are out of touch with our bodies and our own feelings and emotions. We find it difficult to express just what we feel, and yet, there are 6,000 emotional or feeling words in the English language. Two thousand of those words are positive emotional words; the remaining 4,000 are negative feeling words. Women have become programmed to “just get over it,” which really means that we have become accustomed to shoving our hurts and pains into our emotional backpacks. As our backpacks fill up, the condition of our hearts – the inner depths of our beings – become the playground for the enemy. We begin reacting to life’s events and the people around us instead of responding; bitterness becomes the taproot from which any number of heart conditions – unforgiveness, anger, resentment, offense, guilt, or pride – spread their ugly root system. When we make the decision and then take the action to disconnect from the emotions that hold us in bondage, we will then move forward toward real emotional healing.

Do you have any emotions in your life that you are holding onto that are keeping you in bondage? I encourage you to run to the Father and let them go. Allow him to heal you in order that you may begin to respond to events instead of react.

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