Tips for Energizing Your Time Together

  • Go for a long, scenic drive together: In the winter, take a drive around the city to look at all the Christmas lights (don’t forget to bring your thermos of hot chocolate). There is so much beauty in Colorado year-round. Take a long, scenic drive to view the fall colors, or drive up to Mount Evans to see the Rocky Mountain Big Horn Sheep and the mountain goats.
  • Cook your favorite meal together: Choose a recipe you both enjoy, and cook a meal together. Start your day out by searching the internet for a fun, new recipe, or visit the bookstore together to find a great cookbook. Then shop together for all the ingredients you need, and end the day by cooking together. Make sure you eat the meal alone, listening to your favorite music. Attending a cooking class together can also be a lot of fun!
  • Attend a sporting event, ballet, opera, or Broadway show together: Taking time out of your schedule to do something entertaining can be tremendous fun and build lasting memories.
  • Build a puzzle together: Spending time together searching for matching pieces to your puzzle can stimulate good conversation. You can incorporate your favorite music and snacks. This is a perfect activity for a rainy or snowy evening!
  • Curl up on the couch, and watch a movie together: It may take you some time to figure out which movies you enjoy as a couple, or perhaps you can trade one guy movie for one girl movie the next time. Either way, make the sacrifice to be together.

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