Sculpted by the Truth – Part 2

In John 17:17 it states “Sanctify them by the truth; your Word is truth” (NIV). The Greek word for sanctified is “hagiazo” and refers to something being made holy. The means to achieving this holiness is through separation. In both the Old Testament and New Testament, the word “sanctify” means to be separated from sin and devoted wholly to God. All saved people are “…sanctified in Christ Jesus…” according to 1 Corinthians 1:2 (NIV). Because we have been called by His grace, purchased by His blood, and indwelt by His Spirit, we have been set apart from the common things of this world and are devoted to God’s exclusive use.

In the passage of John 17:17-19 (NIV), Jesus states twice that His people are sanctified in or by the truth. Because God is truth, He is true and faithful in all that He says and does. Therefore, His words are truth. He can use the truth to sanctify us and to set us apart for holy living. Just as the wire carries electricity to the light bulb, God’s truth carries God’s power to our lives. We are sanctified in and through God’s truth.

Last week, we looked at how a cameo is made; we can relate to the cameo, in which each face is unique. Each one is projected differently from the plane surface. Just as the forms of the cameo jewels are different, so are you different from anyone else. Just as the cameo is really cut away from the plane surface, likewise God cuts away those things, situations, or attitudes that no longer need to be part of your life. As this happens, it can seem difficult or painful, but ultimately, a more beautiful, holy woman of God emerges.

It is interesting that the form of this art is called “relief.” Sometimes, though difficult in the moment, it really is a relief to have the demand of change come to our lives. This is the process of sanctification, and it is done by the loving, sculpting ability of God and His Word. As a woman of God, you are in the lifelong process of sanctification, and it happens in your intimate journey with the Lord as your jeweler. You are truly His own beautiful handiwork – a masterpiece of His own making.

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