Cool as a Cucumber

It’s summer! Don’t you love it? Longer days and shorter nights, with much warmer temperatures are here. This is the season of increased activity – in nature as well as in our bodies (our inner gardens). Try this fun tip to help keep your body hydrated during this hot summer.

God in His wisdom created foods to nourish us in each season. The heat of summer dehydrates our inner gardens (bodies), putting a strain on our hearts. One of the heart’s functions is to maintain the body’s temperature. When we become overheated and dehydrated, this vital organ gets overworked.

Most fresh fruits and vegetables are high in water and mineral content, thereby providing a cooling and energizing effect on the body. Have you heard the expression, “cool as a cucumber,” or wondered how watermelon got its name? These summer foods offer flavor and protection. One of my favorite, simple summer beverages is cucumber-flavored water. I fill a glass pitcher with purified water, then add ice and fresh cucumber slices (with the peeling). The infused cucumber flavor gives instant refreshment on a hot day. Any fresh summer fruit or berry added to water or tea provides a splash of color and flavor as well as valued nutrients. I encourage you to let God be your master gardener and your master chef. You’ll experience a well-balanced energy and vitality for all your summer activities.

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