A Day of Unending Prayer

The apostle Paul exhorts us in I Thessalonians 5:17 (NKJV) to “Pray without ceasing.” In today’s busy lifestyle, more often than not, our response is, “How?” One way I have found to help keep my mind stayed on the Lord (and experience a continued sense of communication with the Father) is to think of Scriptures that relate to the activity I am involved in each moment of the day.

The Father promised to never leave us nor forsake us, so we can be assured that He is always with us, waiting for us to speak to Him. We just need to tap into His presence! Just think about what you are doing and what Word you can relate to that activity. I have provided some that I have used, so try it! See if the Holy Spirit will give you different scriptures than He gave me.  Make your times of prayer your very own.

Here are a few to get you started:

As I shower, I thank the Lord that I am washed in the blood of the Lamb and all my sins are forgiven.  I thank the Lord that my mind is renewed by the washing of water by the Word. (Ephesians 5:26)

As I read the Bible, I ask the Lord to open the eyes of my understanding that I might behold great and glorious things in His Word. (Ephesians 1:18)

As the children leave for school, I ask for a divine hedge of protection over them and that the Angel of the Lord would encamp around them. Lord, give them the wisdom, understanding, and comprehension to grasp all their school work. (Psalm 91:12)

As I leave my home, I ask the Lord to surround my home with his mighty warring angels to protect the home with which He has blessed me. (Psalm 34:7)

As I drive my car, I ask the Lord to bless my coming in and going out. I thank Him that my steps are ordered of Him. (Psalm 37:23)

As I work my job, I choose to walk in the love of Christ, which is in my heart, toward all my co-workers. I thank the Lord for blessing everything I set my hand to do, for I know He will cause it to prosper. (Psalm 1:3)

As I lie down to sleep, I thank the Lord for the wonderful day He gave me and for all the great blessings He bestowed upon me all the day long. I ask for sweet sleep, for He said He gives His beloved rest. (Proverbs 3:4, Psalm 3:5)

Many of these may apply to your life. Think about the different activities of your day; seek the scriptures that apply, and pray them during that time.  In between, pray in the Spirit!  There you have it – a day of unending prayer!

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