His Joy

The Word reminds us that “…the joy of the Lord is your strength” (Nehemiah 8:10 NIV). Can you honestly say that this is true for you? I know for me, I began to question this as my life changed quickly, going from bad to worse, with relentless pressure and no victories in between. But what I have learned through the trials was a deeper insight into what I call… HIS joy!

Several years ago, we lost our dream home, and trust me – I couldn’t find joy anywhere. I couldn’t understand why the God of this universe did not turn the situation around. I reminded the Lord of how we had willingly used our home for the kingdom. We continually opened our home for meetings and fellowship, because we felt blessed with it and loved to share hospitality. I thought, “We did everything right; how could You let this happen?” What I eventually had to admit, we don’t always make the right or the best decisions. There are times we choose not to listen to that still, small voice; instead, we assume we know what’s best.

After much turmoil, anguish, and many questions, I began to seek the Lord. In looking back, I could remember times when I knew the Lord was speaking, and yet, I believed in my wisdom more than His. Without a lot of fanfare, He lovingly provided us with another home. “At last,” I thought. “Now we can begin to move forward.” Had I only known that this was the calm before the storm.

Man’s definition of joy is one-dimensional at best; however, in Christ I have found that His joy is multi-dimensional. His joy will carry you through and sustain you in any situation you encounter. Do any of the following sound familiar?

  • His joy will cause you to face a new day with renewed hope.
  • His joy will cause you to laugh at a funny memory in the midst of sorrow.
  • His joy will cause you to be at peace when all around you is chaos.
  • His joy will cause you to praise Him in the midst of the battle when you see no visible end.
  • His joy will let you look at the journey you have come through and know that without it, you would not be who you are today.
  • His joy will erupt from your innermost being, causing a celebration of true praise and worship in HIM.
  • His joy will bring you into VICTORY in Jesus.

To me, His joy has been His amazing peace that passes all understanding, to still my mind and give me much-needed rest. His joy is not just about laughter or even the smile on your face. It’s what’s in you as you walk through the difficult times and hard places in life. My experiences are and continue to be the very catalyst that has revealed His joy to me. So I encourage you today, let the Lord’s multi-dimensional joy be your strength today!

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