Make God the Ultimate Parent – Part II Tips for Single Moms

As we continue to strive to be godly mothers and role-models for our children, we must remember to make God the Ultimate Parent. Last week we looked at how we need to cast our cares on the Lord and allow him to deliver us from every trouble. Let’s take a closer look at how we can make God the Ultimate Parent.

#2 – “If any of you lacks wisdom, you should ask God, who gives generously to all without finding fault, and it will be given to you (James 1:5 NIV).

Each day we must pray for wisdom in raising our children. Wisdom was very important, because my boys had such different personalities (which may be the case in your household as well). In fact, their personalities were at the opposite ends of the spectrum; Michael, my eldest, was very strong-willed, and Detavio was more mild-mannered.

When Michael was 14, he became angry with me and left the house. Initially perturbed, I wanted to snatch him right back into righteousness, because I needed him to watch Detavio while I attended a prayer meeting. Instead, I decided not to be directed solely by my emotions. I knew in my spirit that staying calm was the best solution. Rather than making idle threats, I took Detavio with me and waved to Michael as I drove past him walking down the street. I asked for prayer for Michael at my prayer meeting, and as we prayed, God showed me a vision of Michael sitting at his desk studying and snacking on a TV dinner. When I returned home, I found him doing his homework with the empty dinner carton beside him. I praised God for His faithfulness.

Detavio, my youngest, was the complete opposite of Michael. Our only heated disagreement occurred during his teenage years when, on one occasion, he stayed out an hour past his curfew without calling to let me know he was okay. Angry, I refused to discuss his infraction when he arrived home. I told him we would discuss his behavior in the morning. He went to bed feeling victorious. I, meanwhile, prayed for wisdom. The following morning, after we discussed his disobedience, I suggested that he determine his own punishment. Detavio grounded himself for two weeks.

Detavio later told me how much postponing our talk and having him determine his own punishment positively impacted his life. Years later, he also told me he was surprised that I handled this problem differently than I would have generally handled such problems with Michael. I learned from these examples and others that God is able to give you the unique wisdom you need to raise each of your children. As a result of this wisdom and guidance, my sons are blessed and successful young men of God.


  1. I needed this today!

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