Mom’s Journal

I’m in the car, rushing from making phone calls at church, to Party City for decorations, then to Subway for updates on how the store is running, and I only have 32 more minutes until I have to be at my daughter Emma’s elementary school for crossing guard duty! “How am I going to get all of this done, with the kids along, too? Oh, Lord, please don’t let anyone pitch a fit or wet their pants!”

As I mentally recount what’s next on my daily “to do” list, the noise of the car overwhelms me. I can’t even think straight! The younger three kids are in the backseat, each subconsciously competing to be the loudest one in the car…

“Those aren’t the right words, Halle. Get it right!” yells Macy, my second oldest.

But Halle, my third child, keeps singing at the top of her tiny lungs, “I walked with you once upon a dream, like a diamond in the sky!”

Not to be outdone, Mia, the youngest, contributes her own noise to the chaos.

Just as I’m about to stick my head out the sunroof and scream, my phone rings with another mom telling me that her kids are screaming, crying, and driving her crazy, too! It makes me feel better that I’m not the only one, but Lord, why all this craziness? I quickly hang up the phone as God whispers to me, “Stop and listen.”

“What? I AM listening – that’s the problem. Make THEM stop!”

Again, I hear, “Stop and listen.”

So, with deep frustration, I toss the volume down on the radio and listen to the chaos of my moment. God allows me to tune in to each child and listen to what’s actually going on. Halle is so innocently and excitedly singing her own made-up version of “Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star,” as if she were the only one in the car. Mia is making sweet sounds and trying to mimic her older sister. Macy is taking control, perfecting the lyrics, and trying to be the moderator in an obviously hectic situation.

“Ok, I get it, Lord.” God is showing me how to just stop and listen to my situation, without letting it get me flustered and frustrated. Each of my kids has their own gifts, talents, and special love that they express in different ways, but right now, they just don’t know how to wait their turn!

I can’t get so caught up in my agenda for the day that I don’t stop and see the sweetness of moments like this. God gave me this moment in time to enjoy and learn from, and I need to do just that. The chaos is only chaos if I choose to react to it. I need to stop, take a deep breath, and enjoy the moment in which God has placed me. Years down the road, when the girls are all grown up and all of the commotion has long since faded away, what am I going to have then? Hopefully, God will help me to make this moment a happy, meaningful memory and not something I have to ask forgiveness for later on tonight!

“Thanks, Lord! Now, off to crossing guard duty – and by the way, can you make the ride home just a little quieter?”

Don’t Forget:

  • Stop and listen!
  • It’s not chaos unless I react to it!
  • God put me here, so find a way to enjoy it!

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