He is There in Your Journey (Part 2)

A couple of weeks ago we began to review the passage found in Luke 24:13-32 on how the Lord visited the disciples after his crucifixion. The disciples were grieved because of the loss of Jesus Christ and were stuck in a stage of despair and heartache. But Jesus came right alongside them, walked with them, and spoke words of life to them in the midst of their heartache. This passage reminds us that the Lord is always with us in our journey. No matter what the situation, He is always walking alongside us and will never leave us nor forsake us. This week, let’s continue on in the rest of this story to see and learn how the disciples processed through their grief and sorrow.

Luke 24:14 (NIV) states, “They were talking with each other about everything that had happened.” Notice again that the disciples are talking with one another. Many times in grief and sorrow, we want to be alone. This is necessary, of course, because we need time – a time to cry out to God, to shed tears, to reflect, and to wait. But there is a time also, as we see in the text, that it is good to dialogue with someone when you are hurting. In this story, the men are walking from Jerusalem back to Galilee. Notice that verse 13 states, “Now that same day…” So we see here that in their grief they started back home and had a journey of around seven miles (according to some sources and as much as 20 miles according to other sources) to talk things over. The Bible gives many examples of friendship and the support it helps to bring.

Secondly, we see in the text in verse 27 that as Jesus joined them on their journey, He opened the Scriptures to them. At first they did not recognize Him, just as we do not see Him or His purposes many times in our grief. But a wonderful thing happened as He walked and talked with them. Afterwards, as they reflect on the experience, their hearts begin to burn with new light and life, and they are filled with comfort and hope. Jesus is with us in our journey no matter where it is going, or where it has brought us from. His presence and love helps us to share our joys and sorrows, to strengthen us in weakness, and to comfort us in sadness. He will shine on us with His presence when we least expect it and provide warm wells of peace for our own benefit and others as we journey on.

So, if you are walking through a time of heartache and sorrow, first know that God is with you in your journey. He will strengthen you in your times of weakness and renew hope and life in the midst of darkness. Secondly know that it is good to reach out and talk with a good, godly friend that can help be the extended hands of the Lord to minister hope and speak life into you. Thirdly, fix your eyes on the Lord and his word. As you sow His Word into your heart it will bring healing and restoration into your life. Be encouraged because He is with you in the journey!

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