Fashion for Every Body: Part 2


The “V” or “Funnel” Body Type

Funnel body types are usually bigger on the top than on the bottom, which can result in a slightly larger tummy and a flatter rear. The shoulders are typically two or more inches wider than the hips, and the bust tends to be fuller. The overall goal of a funnel is to draw attention away from the top, and this is how to do that:


  • The best fabric is knit, with a little stretch.
  • Wear V-neck shirts to elongate the neck and shorten the shoulders.
  • Make sure that your top covers the hip area. This will help elongate your look as well.


  • If you are tall, wear only flat shoes.
  • Avoid low-rise jeans. Try straight-legged jeans that meet the hip-line.
  • Don’t wear anything strapless or with thin spaghetti straps. A thicker strap will help create a lengthened vertical line.

Celebrity “V” or “Funnel:” Catherine Zeta-Jones and Tyra Banks


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