Fashion for Every Body: Part 3


The “8” or “Hourglass” Body Type

Throughout history, the hourglass has been the “ideal” body type that most women desire, but they, too, have their challenges when dressing! An hourglass’s bust and hips are about the same size, with the waist being about 10 inches smaller. An hourglass body type is often considered full-figured.


  • Wear lighter colors on top and darker on the bottom, so as not to make the top half seem too heavy.
  • Wear wrap-around tops and dresses to show off your slim waist!
  • Make sure you are wearing the right bra to provide enough support.


  • An empire-waist dress or top will hide your waist and make you look shapeless…or pregnant!
  • Double-breasted jackets will only double-highlight the upper body.
  • Don’t wear short skirts; they can cause you to look round.
  • Baggy pants will cause you to look larger. Straight-legged with a slight flair are your best bet!

Celebrity “8” or “Hourglass:” Sandra Bullock and Halle Berry


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