Don’t Just Strive, THRIVE!


Many of you know that Gayla Events are not just a teaching lesson but they are an “experience.”  Pastor Gayla wants us to taste, see, smell, and hear all that God has been sharing with her by using all our senses to enhance our experience.  Isn’t that the best way to remember what the Lord is speaking to us, because it truly gets deep into our spirits and builds our faith.

IMG_9868smallCroppedWhen we walked into the foyer our sense of sight was accosted, because all around us were beautiful tables decorated with the loveliest trays of appetizers and desserts, and everything was presented in different shades of green making it seem like we had entered a flourishing garden.  The team of volunteers worked very hard to bring Pastor Gayla’s vision to life.  We all enjoyed tasting the delicacies that were put before us. 

Next, we entered the sanctuary for Pastor Gayla’s teaching, and as we came through the doors, our sense of hearing was overwhelmed with the sounds of rain falling and thunder literally booming through the sound system. It was not just a little rain falling but it was a flood of rain falling that we could hear – a pounding rain. Pastor Gayla told us that the sound of rain was a sign from God of the abundance of rain coming into our lives. How exciting is that?

IMG_9954Small2As is tradition, we then had the “giveaways.” We enjoyed watching everyone try to come up with the item requested so that they could win beautiful baskets full of lotions, candles, candies and many other exciting gifts! 

Finally, Pastor Gayla was able to share the vision God had placed in her heart. She kept hearing the Lord say, It is time to THRIVE!”  Even though many of us have been in a desert place, we are now budding, blossoming, and coming out of that desert place. (Prov. 11:28)  That from this night forward, every time you see a blade of grass turn green, every time you see a flower blossom, or a tree begin to bud, just keep thanking God because that is your life from this moment on!  No more desert life for His people! (Ps. 92:12)

We all left knowing that it is time to FLOURISH!  No more striving, only THRIVING. This is the word of the Lord for us today!

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