“Rediscovering the Woman You Are” with Cindi McMenamin.


As we entered the Word of Life foyer, we were transported to a beautiful coffee shop filled with the rich aroma of coffee and cider. We enjoyed delicious treats such as flavored breads, muffins, cookies, cinnamon twists, a caramel apple bar, and incredible cake pops. After eating these delightful treats, everyone moved into the sanctuary for an amazing time of praise and worship that truly ushered in the presence of God and set the atmosphere for the rest of the evening.



As the evening continued, we received a beautiful bookmark favor and six particularly blessed women received beautiful gift baskets. Each gift basket had one of Cindi McMenamin’s books, a journal, pen, lotion, and a candle. It was a complete package for a perfect day to curl up on a cozy couch and be inspired by the writings of Cindi McMenamin.


The talented vocal trio of April, Autumn, and Anita sang the song “Gold” by Britt Nicole. The room was filled with joy as we all were reminded that we are “one in a million and worth more than gold!”


We were then blessed by the teaching of renowned author, Cindi McMenamin, who taught each of us how to “Rediscover the Woman You Are.” We, as women, sometimes allow what we do (our duties and responsibilities) to define us; but God has so much more inside of each one of us.  Cindi shared how God may allow us to walk through a desert place where we may feel alone and abandoned, so that He can draw us near and show us a different side of who He is. Cindi’s ministry truly impacted our hearts and we left encouraged and inspired to seek the heart of God. As the evening came to a close, women lined up to purchase every book Cindi had available, and she was so gracious to sign each one. This night was truly beautiful from start to finish and was a blessing for everyone in attendance!

Cindi2Book Signing

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