Three-Fold Foundation for Fall and Winter Wellness – Exercise (Part 2)


Last week we looked at how important your diet is for the Fall/Winter seasons. Now let’s look at the second foundation to stay healthy this Fall/Winter, Excerise!


Winter may be the season for becoming more introspective, but that does not mean physical fitness should be neglected. Although this should be a quieter, calmer time of the year, the calendar says otherwise. With several holidays occurring in the fall and winter season, it is important to balance our activity and relaxation levels to prevent reaching the “burnout” point.

Recent sports medicine studies show a connection between moderate consistent exercise and a strong immune system. Researchers believe the physiological changes in the immune system during a routine exercise program may provide long-lasting health benefits. Did you notice the researchers said moderate exercise? We don’t have to engage in lengthy, intense, “no pain, no gain” workouts to reap the rewards of improved health, stamina, and weight maintenance.

Indoor exercise (or “work-ins,” as I call them) can be relaxing while giving our muscles a workout. Yoga, Pilates, ballet, and the exercise ball are just a few of the many stretching/strengthening exercises that rev up our heart rate and increase our breathing and oxygen. They also improve our immune system to stay strong, toned, and well during the colder seasons.

One of the many perks of living in Colorado is the variety of winter sporting activities. Whether we ski, ice-skate, snow-shoe, or go snowboarding, exercise helps our bodies to stay conditioned and can possibly prevent injuries.

Before beginning any exercise program, whether at home or in an exercise facility, please be sure that your health care provider approves. Staying well-hydrated before and after the fitness routine is just as important in these cooler seasons as it is in warmer seasons.


  1. Angelica Reeder says:

    Hi Connie, I just wanted to say it was great to see you the other day at church. I so miss our classes but I have been doing very well with diet and exercise. I’ve lost 38 lbs and have 15 more to go to reach my final goal! Yey! 

    I always love reading your articles, so thank you very much for being so consistent in emailing them.

    Maybe I’ll see you again during sunday service. I’m usually there on sundays.

    Anyway, just wanted to say hi and thank you. Stay warm! 

    Blessings, Angelica Reeder

    • It was a delight to see you also and visit briefly. You look GREAT . . . I admire your perseverance on your wellness journey! Thanks for your kind words on my article . . . I hope it blessed you. I’ll watch for you at church. . .
      Savor the Seasons,
      Connie Pshigoda

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