The Army is Arising!


Sunday night was a powerful , yet  fun, night for the entire family. From start to finish every element ministered to the hearts of God’s soldiers and encouraged them to rise up, stand, and fight against the enemy.

When people first walked into the foyer they saw green camouflage sprinkled with pink everywhere. Crowns and swords were on every table to serve as a reminder that we are in a battle, but God has given us the power to rule (crown) and the ability to fight (sword) in every area of our lives.

The lines filled up quickly as everyone was anxious to taste what Chef Justin had prepared. No one left hungry as they enjoyed delicious hamburger and pork sliders, turkey sandwiches, strawberry kiwi mousse cups, apple crisp bread pudding, and a delicious dessert bar. To top that all off they enjoyed lime, lemongrass & kiwi water and “camo” punch! Now that God’s army was full in the natural, it was time to get fed spiritual.

As praise and worship began, Angelo & Veronica and the WOLCC music team led the congregation into worship that truly shook the foundations. God’s presence fell in a mighty way in the service as Veronica led the song “Break Every Chain.” You could see chains of fear, insecurity, doubt, and rejection breaking off of peoples’ lives as they began declaring the name of Jesus with their fellow soldiers.


The “specialized” training began, when the men left the sanctuary to be ministered to by Pastor on how to be dressed for the battled. Pastor came dressed in his army fatigues as he led the charge and taught the men and teen boys about the armor of God and how they need to use it every day to fight against the enemy.


The women stayed in the sanctuary with Pastor Gayla sharing a powerful word on how to be a “Princess Warrior.” God has called each of His daughters to rise up and fight.  As a princess warrior we must:


  1. Be positioned in our identity: You are beautiful daughter of the King  (Romans 13:11&12)
  2. Go through training: Need to be trained to think, act, walk and talk like Christ and when the battle gets hard to stand and fight  (2 Timothy 2:3)
  3. Transform our mind – Think on what God says about us and what is right, true, pure (Philippians 4:8)
  4. Be equipped with the right weapons: The sword of the Spirit (The Word of God), the armor of God, the Gifts of the Spirit, the word of our testimony, the name of Jesus, praise, worship, fasting & the blood of Jesus are all weapons God has given us to fight against the enemy
  5. Pray: We must pray and fight for the cause (Jeremiah 9:17-20)


As the night came to a close, Pastor and the men re-joined the women in the sanctuary; everyone came to the altar and linked arms. Just like soldiers locked their shields together when fighting against their opponent, that is what we did on Sunday night. We linked arms and fervently prayed as an army of God in one accord, fighting for our loved ones, those bound in chains, and those lost and oppressed. An army of God is rising up, ready to fight against the enemy, ready to sacrifice for the cause!  Arise and fight you mighty soldier of God!!!


  1. Angelique Matthews says:

    It truly was a very impacting evening. I do see people arising as God is calling them forth to battle.

  2. It truly was an evening of impact and I do see people arising as God is calling them forth to their respective battle fields.

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