What a wonderful semester – full of fabulous food, fun fellowship, and the boundless message that we are strong princess warriors of the King of Kings!

We learned how to be warriors in our health, thinking, homes, and even our ktichens! We also learned how to dress for battle, wage war in prayer, and how true worship breaks down the enemy’s barriers. We know that the practical teachings and real-world applications developed through these classes will forever strenthen us in our daily lives.

We would like to extend a big thank you to all the princess warriors who taught, participated in the classes, or served to make this semester a smashing victory.

Until we see you next semester, remember this, you are a daughter of the King “…[who] is all glorious within…” (Psalm 45:13 KJV).

LNI Photo

Michele Towers, author of Rising to Royalty, reminded women in her class “Defending Your Crown” that they are true princesses, daughters of our King.


  1. Angelique Matthews says:

    Wonderful semester. Had so much fun with all the women and thoroughly enjoyed Paula Stevenson’s class on Deborah. Very impacting.

  2. Melissa de Diego says:

    I will miss not having these services!

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