A Spotless Child

I had just finished feeding my brand new baby girl. As she slept peacefully in my arms, I looked at her sweet little face and saw not a spot, not a blemish, not a scar – nothing but beauty. Her skin was like fine, white china, and her dark eyebrows arched perfectly over her sleeping eyes. Her rosebud-colored lips were shaped so perfectly; they looked like a sweet kiss.

As I beheld the wonder of the gift the Lord had given me, I thought, “Oh, to be spotless –to have not one sin against me.” In that moment, the Lord said to me, “That is how I see you – spotless. No sin, no blemish, no scars. Just beauty. You are washed in the blood of My Son, and He made you just as this precious little one is – without spot, blemish, or scar.”

From that night on, every time I fed my daughter before bedtime, I would take the time to rock her and sing to the Lord, praising Him for the beauty He gave me. It was a sweet, gentle, loving reminder of the beauty He made me to be in Him.

As I grew in my love for my daughter and for God, I realized more every day His awesome sacrifice and how truly precious I am to Him. I became His child. He erased all the sin spots, blemishes, and scars, and He made me pure and spotless. 

Would you like to be His pure, spotless child, too? Please pray this prayer with me:

Dear God in heaven,

I am a sinner in need of a Savior. I believe that Jesus is Your Son, who died on the cross and rose from the dead for me. I ask You now, Jesus, to come into my heart. Be my Lord and Savior. Make me clean and spotless by Your shed blood. I will live for You all the days of my life. In the name of Jesus I pray.


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