Letting Go…One Tiny Bit at a Time


My heart sinks as she proudly walks down the sidewalk in her cute pleated skirt and button-up shirt, holding tightly to her brand new pink backpack. Sure, she’s old enough and ready—but I’m not! One single tear rolls down my cheek as I toss the sunglasses back over my face. I can’t let her see me cry. She is nervous enough as it is!

The emotions and thoughts that were evoked on the first day of school are exactly the same as the first time I had a babysitter watch her, or the first time I dropped my new precious bundle off in the church nursery. I can only imagine how many more times this will happen in our life together. Her first middle school parent teacher conference…bringing her to register for high school…letting her get behind the wheel of my car!…choosing a dress for her first dance…watching her drive away in a boy’s car…that long drive to college with a car full of new home stuff…or even her father walking her down the aisle!

Lord! Help me keep it together! How will I learn to let go? Making it through life’s milestones is going to be tough! However, as I began to gaze down this long road of “letting go,” God reminded me how my mom dealt with these times in my life. I remember her quoting scriptures, laying hands on me, and praying through just about every milestone in my life. From the time I was born, she told me what God’s Word said about me. I knew and understood that I was a princess in His kingdom! I was royalty! Every single day of my school-aged years, before my siblings and I were even allowed to step one foot out of our white, wood-paneled mini-van, my mom placed her hands on us and spoke words of encouragement, love, and God’s wisdom over our lives. She held my hand as we walked slowly into the dormitory building to set up my college dorm room. Even on my wedding day, she was there to speak into my life and tell me what an amazing, beautiful woman of God I had become. It continued as she gently rubbed my pregnant belly and spoke to my children even as they were still forming.

Wow! Just think about the power of one woman’s willingness and ability to speak her heavenly Father’s words into generations of others! I want to be the next link in showing my children how to be who God says they are…to know His plan for their lives…how to live a life full of grace…to become strong in holiness…to shine forth His glory in every aspect of their lives…to be glorious within…and how to live for Him!

Many years later, as a mom myself, I now understand what it’s like to let go of what I hold so dearly and place it gently into God’s hands. I pray that I can be the same to my children as my mom was to me—that I can instill values and God’s Word into their hearts. I want to be able to release my beautiful princesses to carry on His Word to many more generations!

As these parenting milestones approach, I know deep down that God will help me to let go, one little bit at a time. I must learn to enjoy the process of my children’s growing and find the priceless parenting opportunities in every situation. As I build my children up in the Spirit, God will also help me to heal emotionally, and He will provide me with the courage that I need.

Lord, thank You for helping me to let go of what You have entrusted to me. I know that I am who You say I am, which allows my children to be who You say they are – royal children of the King!

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