SHINE Magazine Release – A Success!


What a spectacular night! We are all still dreaming from the SHINE Release and Dream Event this past Sunday evening. The foyer was brilliantly decorated with bright orange, gold, and hot pink and the color theme was carried over into the scrumptious food!


The celebration of Christmas and the release of the 9th edition of SHINE Magazine: The Dream Edition was truly an inspiring event for the entire family! Families worshiped together singing carols, and then the men joined Pastor Bagwell for his powerful message on “Dream Busters.” The children’s wing was full of bright, holiday cheer and dreamy activities for every age, including a craft to write their dreams on a scroll and place it in a clear Christmas ornament to remind them to never give up.


Passion and vision were ignited as the teen girls and women watched The Dream Edition come to life! We laughed along with Liz Parker’s portrayal of a busy mom; were stirred by Michele Towers’ exhortation to be confident in Christ; and wiped away tears with Kari Newsom’s heartfelt memories with her mother.


Manda Smith and Millie Clopine were hilarious as they shared the importance of writing down your dreams and visions by creating dream journals and vision boards. This reinforced our theme scripture:

“And the Lord answered me, and said, ‘Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it’” (Habakkuk 2:2 KJV).

The evening was flavored by our Favorite Fashionista, Teri Bagwell, along with her beautiful model, Nathalie Mukendi Michaelson, as they showed us all how to keep our wardrobes current no matter what the season.


The atmosphere was truly electric as Pastor Gayla challenged the women to have a God-sized dream and to know it is from the Lord. This message was then illuminated by an awesome performance of “We Live for You” by Pastor Aaron Bagwell from his newest CD, The Sound of Jesus.


We salute the entire team who made this event an “over-the-top” success! Of course, we are truly thankful for the vision of Pastor Gayla Bagwell, for stirring our hearts and showing us it is okay not only to dream again, but to have confidence in the Lord to go after it.

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