Ta-da! We let it go!


Hearts were truly melted during the “Let It Go” Ladies’ Breakfast this past Saturday, February 7th

As the ladies walked in, they were greeted with the “ice castle” decor from the stage all the way down to the snowflake napkin rings. The aroma of a mighty breakfast wafted as pancakes were made to order and a marvelous hot chocolate bar encouraged us to sip and take in the atmosphere.  The ladies “broke the ice” by reading fun “Ice Breaker Questions” at each table and laughter filled the air.

The energy sparked as the Shine Singers sang the playful song “Just Wanna Say” by Israel Houghton; many ladies were up on their feet clapping and dancing along.  The prizes and giveaways that followed were a joy and everyone was treated to a “kiss.”  Our favor to the ladies was a charming box with a snowflake and a message that said, “God’s kiss melts a frozen heart” with Hershey’s Kisses inside.

Pastor Teri Bagwell showcased stylish and easy, winter fashions for all ladies; and if you were lucky, you may have even caught one of the snowballs thrown by the models.


The presence of the Lord was tangible as the Shine Singers returned to sing “Moving Forward” (by Israel Houghton). Many tears were shed and hands lifted in praise, setting the atmosphere for Pastor Gayla Bagwell to deliver a powerful, ice-breaking message to the hearts of all in attendance. 

She challenged us to guard our hearts above all else, as they are the wellspring of life (see Proverbs 4:23).  From there, she ministered “Three Ways to Thaw Your ‘Frozen Pipes.’”

1)    Locate the Frozen Section: Seek those things that have been exposed to prolonged hardship. A sense of meditation seemed to set in as the ladies were asked to write down the things they needed to let go on their “Let It Go” cards and tie them to the balloons that adorned each table.   

2)    Apply Heat: Did you know that God’s kiss (“nasaq” in Hebrew) means to kindle or to catch fire?  We need to allow God’s kiss and the fire of the Holy Spirit into those areas. 

3)    Keep the Main Pipeline Open: In hard times you may want to run away and shut down, but it’s the very time you need to run towards God, towards the altar, towards His Word.  He will meet you there every time!

We then gathered our balloons, met outside, and were serenaded by the Shine Singers again with the song “Moving Forward.” God’s sweet presence blanketed the ladies as they began to release their balloons and the frozen areas of their hearts. A gentle breeze gracefully guided the balloons up high into the sky towards the sun.  It was a sacred and beautiful moment as frozen hearts were melted and the warmth of the sun kissed us on our faces.  

As we concluded, many ladies lingered to laugh and share with each other and even shop at Pastor Teri Bagwell’s C’est Chic Boutique.  (If you missed her, don’t worry! Catch her amazing fashions on Facebook at C’est Chic Boutique).

We hope and pray that each one who attended will truly be able to “let it go.” Remember what Pastor Gayla said: Guard your heart and let the Lord release His fire into your life. 

Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, and rivers in the desert.”  Isaiah 43:19 (KJV)


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