The King’s Daughter – Part 1


During my 34 years of full-time ministry, I have seen a great need among women to realize who they really are. We are given so many mixed signals from society and the Church. My heart has ached as I have seen women confused and left with very little self-esteem. If we are Christians, and we know that Jesus saved us from our sins and gave us eternal life through His shed blood, then we should be a bright, shining light of His glory! We should know that He is now our King of Kings and that we are a part of His glorious Kingdom! Yet, we still seem to wrestle with the issues of our lives that make us think we’re not worthy to receive this divine acknowledgment.

Several years ago, God spoke to my heart to begin teaching women that they are His daughters! The scripture that He shined brightly into my life is found in Psalms 45:13: “The king’s daughter is all glorious within: her clothing is of wrought gold” (KJV). When you read this scripture, you may think, “I don’t feel like a King’s daughter! My life is a mess. The issues I deal with are hard, and I find this scripture to be a fairy tale thought.”

Even though I can understand why this may be hard for you to actually grasp, let’s look at the meaning. It says, “glorious within.” There is only one way to become “glorious within,” and that is through the blood of Jesus. When you accept that Jesus died for you on the cross, you realize that He forgave your sin and washed you clean. Through His precious shed blood, you are made clean! His blood cleanses you and purifies you! It truly makes you “glorious within!” Your inner renewed heart is gleaming and radiant!

The term “wrought gold” in Psalms 45:13 means “excellence, of infinite value, and infinite worth.” Have you ever felt unworthy ~ lacking in self-worth and self-esteem? The more you realize what Jesus has done for you, the more you will find true worth. When our worth becomes based upon who He is in our lives instead of our failures, we become more sure of who we really are. You don’t have to “find yourself” as the world would suggest. All you have to do is find Him! He then reveals your true identity to you! I heard a saying once that I really liked: “To find yourself, lose yourself in something (or someone) bigger than you!” Jesus is bigger than all the things that would make you feel unworthy and give you low self-esteem. It’s not about “who I am,” but it’s all about “whose I am!” He has paid the price to make me “glorious within.”

To keep this truth alive in our souls, we must view ourselves as Christ sees us. A poor self-image is often a result of looking into the wrong mirror. The reflective mirror can cause you to assess yourself in a wrong way. But God’s holy mirror, the Bible, is the way we need to assess ourselves. His mirror, His Word, and His truth will show us accurately who we really are. In 2 Corinthians 3:18, it says, “But we all, with open face beholding as in a glass the glory of the Lord, are changed into the same image from glory to glory, even as by the Spirit of the Lord” (KJV). I want to reflect Him! I want to reflect His beauty, His loveliness, and all that He is! This is truly “beauty from the inside out!”

When this transformation begins to occur in our lives, then I believe the outer man will begin to show it as well. It will make you want to look your best – to be clean, fit, and as pretty as you can be. Christian women don’t need to obsess over their looks, but I do believe that we should do the best we can to represent what’s going on in the inside of our lives. You are, as the Bible states, an ambassador of Christ (see 2 Corinthians 5:20). If you were an ambassador for the President of United States, how would you dress? How would you present yourself? Why should it be any less as an ambassador for Jesus, our King? You represent Him and all that He has done for you. Shine and reflect His glory!


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