O Taste and See – A Great Success!

O Taste and See Title

A wonderful time was had by all, at the O Taste and See Bistro! The feast began in the beautifully-decorated foyer where everyone was greeted with happy smiles, heavenly aromas, and quaint music that made you feel like you were right in the heart of Paris. Chef Justin and his team prepared and served delectable, culinary treasures like Burgundy Beef Croquette, Baked Chicken Ratatouille, Crème Brûlée Mousse Parfait, and Caramel Café au Latte.

IMG_8072smallIMG_8187 small

The children also enjoyed a special dinner in their very own bistro and were treated to a special skit written by Jamie Phillips. They had fun making crafts, playing games, and having their own version of “Cupcake Wars!”

After feasting in the natural, we moved into the sanctuary where our spirits were just beginning to enjoy a festive banquet, with the sights and sounds of France continuing. Pastor Aaron Bagwell and his team led us in powerful praise and worship. Later on, the ladies were blessed by our very own Shine Singers!

IMG_8300 IMG_8238 small

Next, it was time for giveaways! Hannah Nelson and April Muniz had created spectacular gift baskets filled with culinary goodies that were a special treat for six women. And, we didn’t forget about the Sparkle Girls! Wendy Anglin put together the cutest gift boxes for our teen girls, including a slushy maker, and of course, candy!

Who can forget the Dream Team “Sous Chefs” that danced, twirled, and kicked their way up and down the aisles, to the tune of, “Be Our Guest.” They shared wonderful favors with all the ladies in attendance and were a delightful touch that made everyone smile.

The spiritual entrée was brought to us by Pastor Gayla Bagwell, as she taught on the importance of feasting on the Word of God! The scripture for the evening was Psalm 34:8: “O taste and see that the Lord is good…” (KJV). We learned that just as we need to keep our physical bodies healthy by eating good-for-you foods, we also need to keep our spirits healthy by consuming the Word of God…the best food of all! Wrapping up the service, the ladies were presented with their very own personalized loaf of bread, which was part of the vision the Lord gave to Pastor Gayla. She and her prayer team blessed each one and she shared with us that the loaf of bread is to serve as a reminder to consume our daily bread.


We would like to thank everyone who was involved in putting this event together and helped to make it such a very special evening for all who attended.

To Pastor Gayla Bagwell: Thank you for setting the table, showing us how to dine, and filling us with the most satisfying food. It was mmmm…mmmm…good!

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