Faith Doesn’t Take No for an Answer (Part 1)

Faith No Answer

Let me tell you a story about a woman who was determined to see her daughter set free, no matter what obstacle tried to get in her way.

The story is taken out of Matthew 15:21-28, which tells of a Canaanite woman who went to where Jesus was, crying out to Him to be merciful and to help her daughter. She told Him that her daughter was severely demon possessed – not just possessed by a demon, but severely possessed. Of course, we know Jesus helped her, right? Instead, do you know what He did? He completely ignored her! It says it right there in verse 23: “But He answered her not a word” (NKJV). Have you ever felt as if God was ignoring you? You prayed and prayed, and it seemed that your prayers never reached God at all. No answer came – no relief and you were running out of time. Our faith is greatly tested at these times; we get discouraged and begin to wonder if God still cares at all. Doesn’t He know we have a deadline? Did He go on vacation? Maybe He just wants to see us sweat it out or see what we’ll do. Then, in some cases, we get angry and cry, “I don’t understand why God won’t answer me!”

Next, the Canaanite woman suffered rejection! Verse 23 says: “And His disciples came and urged Him, saying, ‘Send her away…’” (NKJV). Worst of all, she was rejected by those who were following Jesus. Believers! Christians! It’s one thing to have the world reject you for wanting to draw close to God, but when fellow believers do it, it is even more hurtful. Don’t let them put your fire out; just hang out with others who have a vision and passion for God! Don’t allow anyone to keep you from pressing forward in your faith.

We have all been rejected, told no, and sent on our way. When we follow God and set ourselves to serve Him wholeheartedly, we are usually rejected by others. They talk about us and say we are too fanatical. They do this because our faith and zeal challenge them; they become convicted and don’t want to change, so they try to bring us down.

Then, in verse 24, Jesus told her she didn’t qualify: “…‘I was not sent except to the lost sheep of the house of Israel’” (NKJV). This woman was a Canaanite and a Gentile, and here was Jesus whom she had heard healed people, cast out demons, gave the blind sight, and made the lame walk. And Jesus said she didn’t qualify? Her daughter was severely demon possessed and needed help, so she came determined to see her child set free, and Jesus said, “Sorry, I can’t help you because you are not a Jew. You don’t qualify for a miracle.” Have you ever been told you don’t qualify – that you don’t make the cut and that you don’t have enough education or experience? What would your response be after being ignored, rejected, and told that you don’t qualify? This woman, it says in verse 25, came and worshiped Him, saying, “Lord, help me!” She worshiped Him! After the hurt and rejection, she worshiped Him. That is loyalty!

Next week we will learn the conclusion of this story: how the Canaanite woman didn’t take no for an answer, worshiped the Christ, and put her faith into action.


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