The Feminine Touch


Remember the movie My Fair Lady? It began with wise Professor Higgins making a wager with a friend that he could take a girl off of the street and change her life by teaching her the principles of proper speech and etiquette. He soon made a frivolous girl named Eliza the focus of his experiment. After months of great effort, Professor Higgins began to witness a total transformation in Eliza. She became polished, sophisticated, beautiful, and very feminine. Wouldn’t it be “lov-e-ly” to have someone take the time to transform us and make us all that we should be? Well, we do have that “someone” and it’s the Holy Spirit! He is working inside of us, daily conforming us to the image of Christ. As women of God, we are becoming more and more like our Creator and Savior every day. We are becoming more radiant, and we are reflecting His image. This is a beautiful blessing in our life as believers of Jesus Christ! It is so wonderful that our Creator created us to be females and that being feminine is our design. It feels good to know who we were made and designed to be!

Genesis 2:22-23 says: “And the rib, which the Lord God had taken from man, made He a woman, and brought her unto the man. And Adam said, ‘This is now bone of my bones, and flesh of my flesh: she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man’” (KJV). God precisely and distinctly made woman different physically and psychologically from man. That’s why it has been said that when Adam first saw Eve, he exclaimed, “Wo…Man!” (I think that’s so funny and probably true. Ha ha!)

Webster’s dictionary says feminine is “a characteristic of women; delicate; tender; sensitive.” God has made us female and created femininity inside of us so that we can bless His Kingdom with that “feminine touch.” We have the privilege of bringing warmth, gentleness, and kindness to our personal lives, homes, and church. A “feminine touch” adds beauty to our surroundings. It brings pleasure to our family and our home. It softens the harshness of work and responsibilities. Our special touch cools the fevered brow, nourishes the hungry, and brings beauty and color to bare essentials. Our ability to touch others with our care and concern lightens the load of life. Our joyful touch ignites and inspires those around us to do greater things while our touch of enthusiasm brings a “spark” of creativity to those we care about and love.

This is not to say that we’re mushy and weak. I believe that we should have a soft heart and gentle ways with a steel soul. The outside should be delicate and sensitive while the inside is courageous, strong, and enduring! This kind of inner strength comes from spiritual depth and maturity in Christ. This “woman of God” has also endured heartaches and hurts, but through Christ, she has chosen to forgive her adversaries, receive the healing touch of Jesus, and move forward. We can be soft as lambs and strong as lions all at the same time! As lambs, we have gentleness, meekness, kindness, and submissiveness. As lions, we are bold, courageous, and can speak with authority! God likes to take these two extreme personality traits and blend them together in perfect harmony.

As much as our society tries to promote “unisex” in everything from clothes to appearance, they will never be totally successful. They cannot change what God Almighty designed! Genesis 2:22 says: “The Lord God fashioned into a woman the rib which He had taken from the man” (NASB). When God created the universe and all that was put in it, the terms that were used were “created,” “made,” and “placed.” The only time the term “fashioned” was used was when it described how He made the woman. God took extra time and care to design the female body. We are totally unique – we are God’s special design! We are beautiful and wonderful women of God, who are blessed with true femininity to minister to the world around us with that “feminine touch!”

Our society is crying out in the midst of violence and despair for the “feminine touch.” It’s crying out for the nurturing spirit that the Lord has placed inside of us, as His women, to bring warmth, gentleness, and feminine strength to hurting souls. Being a true nurturer of those around us is a ministry that often gets overlooked and underestimated. Who around you is crying for that ministry inside of you to bring a comforting and nurturing touch to their lives? Will you rise to this call? Reach out, and touch someone!

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