You’re the King’s Daughter

Kings Daughter

Please don’t be offended that I walk with head held high.

That my bearings somewhat regal, or there’s purpose in my stride.

It’s not that I’m conceited.

It’s that my destiny is divine, and so my eyes are focused and I cannot waste my time.

I boldly face my future, and build upon my past.

I’m guarded by the spirit and walking in God’s path.

I’m pure; I’m wise and holy. I’m excellent in God’s sight.

I’m strong; I’m whole, and perfect. Outstanding in His light.

So do not be confounded by my confident confession.

And do not be dumbfounded when I overcome oppression.

For Jesus is my Father, I’m an heir to His throne.

I’m ruling in the Earth realm, but in Heaven is my home.

Therefore, I’m not troubled by the tempter’s evil snares,

nor will I hinder, by daily trail I bare.

When life puts the pressure on, be sure I won’t be braking.

I am a King’s Daughter; I’m royalty in the making.

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