Crowned Christmas Event


A regal time was had by all at the Crowned Christmas Event on December 6, 2015. The festivities began with delicious appetizers and desserts, prepared by royal chef, Justin Hopp. We enjoyed everything from Earl Gray Tea and Hot Chocolate, to Citrus Crab & Cucumber Tea Sandwiches, Sweet Sausage Tea Rolls, White Chocolate Mousse & Apple Crumb Cups, Mini Eclairs, and Petit Fours. While partaking of the delicacies and enjoying fun fellowship, we were treated to Christmas songs, by our very own, Word of Life Carolers, who put everyone into a holiday mood.

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As we entered the sanctuary, it was like getting a glimpse of heaven! Our royal worship leader, Alex Brown, and the Word of Life music team created a majestic atmosphere for worshiping our King of Kings.

At our royal event, the women were blessed with beautiful crown brooches as a favor. The six gorgeous giveaway baskets were given to those who were able to correctly answer a question about royalty. The teens and men were not left out. They, too, were blessed with fun giveaways!

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One of the cutest highlights of the evening was the Royal Princess Parade! Our sweet Glitter Girls were all dressed up in their princess attire, and paraded through the sanctuary to the Waltz from Sleeping Beauty. They were all very pretty and had a perfect princess wave!



The Royal Decree was brought to us by Pastor and Pastor Gayla, who taught us that because we are daughters and sons of the King of Kings, we are “born in the purple,” or born into royalty.  We are kings and queens, a royal priesthood, as 1 Peter 2:9 tells us. The word crown is so significant that it is used in 66 verses in the Bible. There are figurative crowns found throughout the Old Testament, and there are five heavenly crowns found in the New Testament. The Crown of righteousness (2 Timothy 4:8), the Incorruptible Crown (1 Corinthians  9:25), the Crown of Life (Revelation 2:10), the Crown of Glory (1 Peter 5:2-4), the Crown of Rejoicing (1 Thessalonians 2:19).

It was truly a royal event in every aspect, as God revealed who we are in His royal kingdom.


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