A Relationship Unseen, But Alive Inside You


A Relationship Unseen

Giving birth is a miraculous experience! The moment that you become a mother will redefine many of the most important relationships in your life—wife, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend.

A relationship is: “a connection, association, or involvement—between persons by blood or marriage or an emotional connection between people.” It can also be defined as: “dependence, alliance, or kinship.”

The relationship with your unborn child begins the moment the pregnancy test turns positive. This one little test will make you look more closely at your life than you ever have before. After all, from the moment of conception, your child is alive with an eternal destiny and purpose—no matter how small he or she is in body. You, as a mother, are already feeling protective of that destiny, willing to make whatever personal changes are necessary to ensure that your baby is healthy.

What needs to change in your life? 

  • Are you eating right?
  • Do you need to stop smoking and/or drinking alcohol?
  • Do you need more sleep?
  • Do you need more exercise?
  • Are you involved in other high-risk activities?

The lifestyle changes you make are motivated by the already-budding relationship between you and your unborn child. From the very start, you know that you would sacrifice all for your child. You talk to your baby. You pray over him or her. You have desires and dreams for the life inside you. Then, when your child starts to move and react to the sound of your voice, the relationship only strengthens.

This type of relationship parallels our relationship with God. Just as a mother knows the presence of her unborn child, we are aware of God’s presence. A baby in the womb responds to her mother’s actions just as strongly as God, also unseen, reacts to our actions. Some reactions are good, and some are bad, but all are based in love. Just like expectant mothers pledge to become healthier for the sake of the baby within them, our love for God also motivates change within us. In John 3:16, God exemplifies the parent/child relationship by His sacrifice for us of His only begotten Son.

You will spend nine months in wonder—in wonder of the process, in wonder of your child and of the future, in wonder of your new role, and in wonder of your fears and expectations. All of these concerns are laid to rest the moment you hear that first cry, feel that first touch, and lay your eyes on your child for the very first time. At this moment, you will know the true face of God. In one moment, everything changes.

Birth is a true miracle, and it’s all because He loved us first.

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