Recap of 10th Edition of SHINE Magazine Release Event – Shopping in God’s Great Storehouse

By Jane Dawson

On April 24, 2016, we celebrated the release of the 10th Edition of SHINE Magazine created by Gayla Bagwell! It was truly as glamorous as any Hollywood affair with beautiful spotlights of color blazing in the auditorium announcing the event. It is evident from looking at the magazine that many months of hard work went into its creation. This was no easy task as this was the largest SHINE Magazine yet to be produced. It takes the combined efforts of the dedicated SHINE team (Gayla Bagwell, Michele Towers, Shelly Smith, and Elaine Hansen) and the creative writers (known as Diamond Girls) to produce and publish this beautiful magazine. We are thrilled that it is now available for purchase at $8.00 per copy.


To celebrate this release, we started off with an array of delectable items created by Chef Justin Hopp for our eating pleasure. Some of the delicious choices were: Coconut Lime Shrimp, Crème Anglais Purse, and Golden Punch. As usual the beauty of a Gayla Event was highlighted with gold and white decorations in the lobby surrounding the delicacies that were served. After enjoying and feasting on Chef Justin’s creations, we moved into the auditorium to worship and praise our God for His goodness.


Upon entering the auditorium, your sense of sight is awed by the unique “video mapping” on the walls with beautiful designs and the colorful lights flashing across the auditorium. Every woman received a beautiful gold and white bag that consisted of a Shine Galleria notepad, a lovely gold pen, and gold coin chocolate (to use later in shopping, of course)! First time visitors received a lovely cookie in the shape of a purse.

This event touched the entire family – no one was left out! After praise and worship, the men and teen boys were ministered to by Pastor Tim Bagwell in the newly redecorated Pulse Youth Center. The younger boys were treated to an outdoor celebration with Marc Parker, which included eating s’mores around a firepit.

The younger “Glitter” girls celebrated their own shopping experience in a unique and artfully-crafted shopping mall upstairs in Studio 14. This mall consisted of a jewelry store where they could get dazzling jewels, a pet store containing stuffed “pets” from which they could select, and a nail spa where they could get a manicure. There was also a charity store, where the girls made pretty birthday cards for all the children in an orphanage in Albania that is supported by Expect Hope. What a fun and busy evening the Glitter Girls had at their shopping mall!

Of course a Gayla Event always includes fabulous giveaways! The women in the audience had to have specific items in their purses – including a bottle of perfume, a bright fuchsia lipstick, and a selfie from a recent shopping experience. There were six giveaways for the women and three giveaways for the teen girls. This is a truly entertaining time full of laughter and women running to be the first to get the gift offered! If you live in the area, you should come out to our events and you could be a winner!


We were then entertained by live “vignettes” from the magazine that were insightful and inspiring. Our Shine model, Glory, played by Nathalie Mukendi, served as our delightful guide through the galleria.


The theme and message for the evening, as well as for the 10th Edition of SHINE, was centered around a vision that the Lord gave Pastor Gayla. She vividly illustrated the revelation of this glorious encounter of God’s Great Storehouse. The Lord told her that she was supposed to take His daughters shopping in it! To read more about this vision that has changed many lives and caused many to see all that God has for them, order a copy of SHINE Magazine and read the entire article on page 57. It will excite and delight you as the revelation of all God has for you unveils itself!


Over 300 copies of SHINE were sold at this event! The laughter and joy heard at the sales and signing table made the wait well worth it all! Truly God’s joy had been deposited from His Great Storehouse!

Psalm 37:4 – Delight yourself also in the Lord, and He shall give you the desires of your heart.

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