Mother’s Day 2016 was especially beautiful this year for the mothers at Word of Life Christian Center in Lone Tree, Colorado.  Every year, we honor all the mothers at our church with an emphasis on making them feel special for all that they contribute to their families in caring for them throughout the year.

This year we had a beautiful backdrop with flower graphics that matched the lovely bouquet of bright pink and white flowers at the front of the auditorium.  Posters of Cindi McMenamin’s book covers were on the platform as well as in our large foyer.  All mothers received a pretty favor of a devotional written specifically for mothers along with a bookmark and a pen.  We then watched a short video called “A Mother’s Heart” which was a song about mothers and all that they mean to their families.

One of the most entertaining moments was a time of “giveaways” where the focus was on the mother with the newest baby (there were two winners on this one), the oldest mother (she was 95), the mother who traveled the farthest to enjoy the service, and the grandmother who had the most grandchildren (23 at last count).  These exceptional mothers were blessed with a beautiful bag full of pretty items:  tea, a teacup, a candle, a journal and two of Cindi McMenamin’s books!

We were honored to have Author and Speaker, Cindi McMenamin, come and share her heart regarding mothers with us.  Cindi is a very gifted and entertaining speaker and writer.   She has written 15 books, with the one titled “When Women Walk Alone” selling over 100,000 copies.  This is one of Gayla’s favorite books!  Others written by Cindi include:

“10 Secrets to Becoming A Worry Free Mom”
“When God Sees Your Tears,”
“When a Woman Inspires Her Husband”
“Women on the Edge”
“God Whispers to a Woman’s Heart,”
“When Women Walk Alone,” and
“When a Woman Overcomes Life’s Hurts

Cindi’s books are a “must read.”  You will be refreshed and comforted as you read her books and find yourself wanting to get more!  She is very relevant and full of godly wisdom. If you would like to learn more about Cindi or want to purchase any of her products, please go to

www.strengthforthesoul.com.  Cindi’s publisher is Harvest House Publishers.

We pray that as you celebrated Mother’s Day, you received the love and attention that every mother deserves with a huge dose of honor to make you realize how special you are in the Father’s sight.


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