Amazing God, Amazing World-Changers – Glitter, Grades 1st – 6th

Amazing God World Changers

Have you ever looked at the world around you and thought “How can I help?” Maybe it was something you saw or experienced that made you feel compassion. It might have been something God spoke to you through a church service or whispered in your ear. It has become the topic of conversation with your friends and the idea you daydream about and doodle on your homework. It has been woven into your heart and now you have claimed it as your mission in life.

You might not have the exact plan on how it’s going to develop; you just know you will do this one thing…someday. God has destined you to change your world! Webster’s dictionary says change means “to make the future course of something different from what it is or from what it would be if it were left alone.” God has given you a passion for something and wants you to change the world with the gift He has given you.

A good example of this is Mary, the mother of Jesus. In Luke 1:47 Mary’s response to Elizabeth was: “and my spirit rejoices in God my Savior” (NIV). God had given her a special gift to raise and cherish the child who would later transform your life and the entire world – Jesus!

You are also blessed with people around you who believe that you are special and chosen for a big purpose. There are girls all over the world who are making a difference even though they are young, and it’s your turn to rise to the challenge and chase after the vision that God has deposited in you.

I have found just a few examples of young girls who are changing our world right now, some you may have heard of, and some you may not know. All the girls pictured here have something in common: they were your age when they achieved a goal. They saw something or experienced something that planted a seed in their hearts. Then they took action steps and did not wait until they were all grown up to follow their dreams. These girls changed my life just by reading their amazing stories!

I encourage you to first pray and write down your vision or idea. Did you know that Walt Disney, the founder of Disney World, first drew his idea on a napkin, and years later his dream came to life?

Next, share your idea with someone you trust and ask them to help you get started. Build a team and work together. Lots of hard work and sometimes even money was poured into these girls’ dreams, and they all had someone beside them helping get the word out, driving them places, and on and on. Finally, never give up! It might not happen overnight, but if you keep believing, you will achieve all God has planned for you!

Following are examples of girls who are making a difference:

Adele’s Literacy Library

A thirteen-year-old girl from New Jersey who was very passionate about reading, formed a nonprofit in 2008 encouraging youth around the world to read and be empowered. Adele Ann Taylor the Founder/CEO of Adele’s Literacy Library has reached out to thousands of people helping them to grow and develop their reading skills. This organization has donated hundreds of thousands of books to various schools, libraries, daycares, and businesses around the world. Adele has received numerous awards for her efforts. Now in college, she has plans of becoming a corporate attorney.


Riley’s Toys

One morning in 2009, four-year-old Riley Hebbard was watching the news with her mother and saw a story of an actor helping children in Sudan. These children were playing with sticks and rocks because they did not own any toys. She asked her mother if she could send them her toys, and started asking other people in her community to help her. She inspired hundreds of people to give money and send toys to the refugee children who had captured her heart. After partnering with World Vision, they have now sent over 23,000 toys and supplies from 10 established donation centers to many African countries.

Toys; A Rare and Precious Gift for Orphaned ChildrenToys; A Rare and Precious Gift for Orphaned Children

Katie’s krops

Third-grader Katie Stagliano brought home a cabbage seedling in 2008 that grew to 40 pounds that summer! She knew her cabbage was special and decided to bring it to a local soup kitchen, where she helped serve the cabbage to a line of hungry people. That experience gave her a dream to help end world hunger. She asked her school to let her classmates start a garden, which they agreed to. That is where her dream became a reality. Currently, at the age of fourteen, Katie runs an organization called Katie’s Krops, which has grown just like her dream. She now oversees 49 gardens in 22 states that donate thousands of pounds of fresh produce to local soup kitchens.


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