Discover Your God-Given Purpose



“You are who God says you are!”

Anyone who attends Word of Life Christian Center in Lone Tree, Colorado, has heard our anointed pastor Dr. Mark T. Bagwell shout these words from the rooftops! One of the things I love most about our church is the steadfast encouragement to be all that God has created us to be. We understand that God has a promise, a purpose, and a plan for each of our lives!

Some people intuitively and instantly recognize their purpose in life. Take my mother, for example. At a very young age, she knew without a shadow of a doubt that she was created to be a teacher.  Today, she is semi-retired with more than 200 teaching awards, confirming that she indeed walks in her God-given purpose!

For many others, discovering God’s purpose for their lives is no simple thing. Perhaps you have been asking God to show you what your unique call is, but you are still unsure. Be encouraged!  You can discover your God-given purpose!  Here are some guidelines to consider when seeking your God-given purpose:

Look to Your Designer

God made you; therefore, He knows you better than you know yourself! (Psalm 139:13-14, NKJV).   A carpenter who builds a house is entirely familiar with the materials he uses to build his home.  He knows which parts of the structure are extremely durable, as well as which elements are more delicate. He recognizes the unique qualities of the house he has built and what makes it different from any other.

Like the carpenter, God is familiar with everything that makes you “you.” He knows what motivates you. He identifies with what makes you laugh – and cry. He understands the vulnerable parts of your personality. He was the One who designed and built you, after all! He alone knows why He put you on this planet for this time. As you spend quality time with Him, He will eventually reveal His plan for your life.

Look to God’s Will

God’s plan for your life may not align completely with your plans!  Be open to the unique path that God may forge for you. It’s possible that His plan for you is something you’ve never thought or heard of!  Allow God to shift your thoughts and dreams “outside the box”! Be willing to move in a new direction, if the Lord is directing you in that way.

Look to Your Experiences

Our Father has the incredible ability to turn any life experience into a vehicle to bring about good. Romans 8:28 says, “And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose” (NKJV).

How have your experiences shaped you into the person you are today? What did you learn from those events that caused you to become stronger in the Lord? Think back on your journey through life; consider the smooth roads as well as the treacherous paths. Is it possible that you are called to use your experiences to be a blessing to others?

Look to Your Intrinsic Gifts

What are you naturally good at? What comes easily to you? If you say, “I don’t think I have a special ability,” then I encourage you to think again!  Before you were even born, Jesus crafted gifts and abilities directly into your DNA!  (Ephesians 2:10, NKJV).

Consider your natural abilities. They will point you in the direction of your life purpose!

Don’t overlook your God-given gift:

  • Cooking elaborate, delicious meals for your family is “normal” for you. But that is a God-given gift!
  • Encouraging others is second nature for you. But that is a God-given gift!
  • You have amazing organizational skills that are kept “behind the scenes.” But that is a God-given gift!

Look to What Energizes You

Have you ever met anyone who absolutely loves working with numbers? Her eyes light up at the thought of sitting down with spreadsheets and data? That’s because this person is moving in her God-given purpose!

Moving in your life purpose will also produce passion. What produces compassion and empathy within you? What are you willing to fight for? What sparks a blaze within your spirit?

Discovering your passion comes from looking deep within your heart, mind, and spirit. To help with this process, I invite you to develop your “Mountaintop Message.”

Imagine yourself standing on the top of the highest mountain. The entire world can see and hear you. You have the attention of every person on earth, and you are given 10 minutes to share what is most important to you. What would you say? What would you want them to know? What would you want them to do?

Put your “Mountaintop Message” in writing. Go back to it regularly and modify it as you feel led. Share it with someone whom you trust. Keep it close to your heart, and ask God to give you vision concerning how to bring about this change in the world around you.

Honor the Process

As you seek God’s will for your life, keep your heart and mind open to new possibilities. Take advantage of opportunities to serve and use your gifts. Who knows? You just might “stumble” into your God-given purpose by volunteering in a new ministry! Or, your life purpose could find you while you’re simply sharing your testimony. Our Father has many creative ways to lead you into your God-given destiny!

And remember, you are who God says you are!

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