As the rich and the famous and the not-so-rich and famous clamored for entrance into this exceptional evening, they were greeted by elegantly dressed ladies wearing red or white boas, and looking oh so Hollywood themselves!

The red curtain is drawn to reveal a fabulous “Hollywood Affair.” It was kicked off with movie-type foods including appetizers, and other fun things to eat, like popcorn, hot dogs, sliders and giant pretzels. The candy bar was a show stopper with a large selection of candies! Movie memorabilia accented the decorations leaving no doubt that this was a very special Hollywood celebration!

After mingling with a long list of “Who’s Who” in the Arts and Entertainment Industry, guests were welcomed into the auditorium where “bubbles” were video-mapped on the walls and a beautiful “Red Carpet” was laid down the center aisle to allow everyone to experience the feel of the real Hollywood!  Guests received a swag bag which included a Cindi McMenamen bookmark, a VIP Pass (everyone is a VIP!), a Movie Production Blackboard Key Chain, and chocolate candy. A perfect way to honor the starring guests of the evening!

Praise and worship commenced the event with songs that truly brought glory to the King of King’s, the one and only TRUE star!! His pure light shined in all of our lives and upon this event like a heavenly spotlight!

To our surprise, the Emcee for the evening, Pastor Tim Bagwell, introduced the very special guests popularly known as Anita and the SHINETTES! They arrived in a white limousine dressed in very gala attire of black and gold sparkly gowns with beautiful shiny red shoes.  They were ushered in with all the pomp and circumstance deserving of a “Hollywood Affair” such as a picture of the real HOLLYWOOD sign and Hollywood lights flashing across the auditorium.  Anita and the SHINETTES performed the song Higher Ground by Janet Paschal.  After the performance, they left the auditorium and were ushered back into their limousine while blowing kisses to their amazing fans and leaving everyone breathless and wanting more!

Another famous couple, T.J. and Renee, who were trying to be incognito but just couldn’t pull it off, were welcomed as they had stopped by on their way to catch a plane jetting them off to Aspen.  Renee had on a glamorous gown while T.J. had on a tam, both looking truly like the famous actors they are known for!

Of course, a “Hollywood Affair” would not be complete without unique and special “giveaways” for those attending.  Pastor Gayla’s Daughter-in-in loves Sarah and Teri Bagwell, along with Dawn Wamser gave prizes to some very lucky ladies! The “giveaways” tonight for the adult women include:

A Basket containing: Two Movie Tickets presented in a Gold, sparkly envelope just like at the Oscars, the featured guest speaker, Cindi McMenamin’s latest book hot-off-the-press titled, Drama Free, a color-themed plaque on being a worshipper, theater candy, and Red Vines.

The Teen Giveaways consisted of: The Hillsong United Movie “Let Hope Rise,” a color-themed plaque on being a worshipper, Jiffy Pop, theater candy and Red Vines.

To win these coveted prizes, questions are asked and the first person to stand and give the correct response won a beautifully decorated gift basket.  The questions tonight all centered around movies and movie star roles.

Now the moment everyone has been waiting for is our guest speaker – Author, Cindi McMenamin who is introduced by Gayla Bagwell, Author and Editor of SHINE Magazine.  She spoke on the subject “Drama Free” which is also the name of her most current book.  This is an excellent book on how to respond or how not to respond to the circumstances that life throws at all of us. We often can’t control our circumstances but we can always control how we respond to them.

If you would like to purchase Cindi McMenamin’s latest book, Drama Free, schedule an event with her, or order any of her other books (10 or more) at a discounted price for small group studies, please visit her website:

The evening was a blockbuster hit and everyone left feeling like they had truly been to a spectacular “Hollywood Affair!”

That’s a wrap!

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