5 Tips to Healthy Nails

Who doesn’t love a relaxing mani-pedi? I sure do! So, how can you keep your nails happy and healthy in between those soothing salon visits? Here are five tips to help you do just that, beginning with number five:

5. Keep your nails and yourself hydrated
Brittle nails that split, peel, and break, are a common problem in dry climates. By drinking plenty of water and applying a moisturizer to your hands, nails, and cuticles, you will help to lock in water, which is good for strong, healthy nails.







4. Don’t use your nails as built-in tools

It’s tempting to use your nails as a tiny screwdriver (loose sunglasses, anyone?), a sticker scraper, or a box opener, but the more you use them as devices, the more likely you are to damage them. To help minimize the temptation, try to keep your nails short.







3. Be nice to your cuticles You know that thin layer of skin along the bottom of your nail bed? It’s there for a reason—to protect you from infection. Everyone’s cuticles grow at a different rate, so chances are, you’ll need to clean them up between salon manicures. Don’t cut the cuticle; push it back. Every time you snip that skin, you open the door to bacteria. Pushing cuticles back keeps everything intact. A great time to do this is right after you get out of the shower when your skin is soft and pliable.







2. One-way filing
Always file your nails in one direction, working your way toward the center of the nail. Do not saw back and forth with your file. This can cause the nail to chip and break. Also, be careful not to file too deeply at the edges of the nail, as this can weaken the nail wall. Use small strokes from the corner of your nail toward the center, and repeat on the other side until you reach your desired shape.






1. Keep your nails polished

Polish gives your nails strength and support. It protects them by making them harder and less vulnerable to damage. Always use a base coat (it will help to prevent staining of your natural nail); apply two coats of color; and finish with a top coat. Make sure you let each coat dry between applications, or else you’ll have those pesky bubbles. And if color isn’t your thing, try clear polish or a strengthener.

Healthy nails are not just pretty to look at, they are a sign of a healthy you! God’s Word says that He desires us to be in health. As we walk in His many blessings, we radiate and reflect the love and glory of our precious King, shining His light for all to see.

How will you shine today?

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