Pastors’ Pearls – Jucara Peixoto

Many years ago my husband had a dream to go to the country of Brazil. The Lord helped him to fulfill this God-given dream, and he has been traveling to Brazil since he was a teenager. God put a love for this country and its people in his heart. I began to understand this right away because two weeks after we were married he went to preach and minister in Brazil for three weeks!

I soon learned that my husband had a call on his life to go to this country as often as possible. I watched the dream enlarge as God brought his ministry together with a powerful man of God in the Rio de Janeiro region, Pastor Marco Peixoto. His church, International Evangelical Community, is one of the largest and fastest-growing churches in all of Brazil.

A word from the Editor, Pastor Gayla Bagwell: Pastor Marco’s beautiful wife is Jucara Peixoto; together they have been pastoring for 23 years. The interview you are about to read was prepared through a translator as Jucara speaks Portuguese.

Jucara is an elegant woman of God with the gift of the prophetic. She teaches thousands of people each year in their church in Rio as well as in several other churches that are under their leadership. As God gave Jucara a dream, she has put together several great conferences for women in Rio de Janeiro with thousands in attendance. She has a strength in the Spirit that sets the captives free and brings healing to those who are sick. She is a woman to admire and respect as she follows the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

The Brazilian people enjoy welcoming guests from other countries with a flair for being extra friendly. The love and kindness of the Brazilians is a trademark to all who visit and get to know them. Jucara has personally blessed me many times with great acts of kindness and showered me with very special gifts! Her heart is big and she overflows with God’s love! The Peixoto family has made my husband feel welcome in their home on many trips with meals that have several courses and always a grand finale of at least three desserts to choose from! The Peixoto family is truly an anointed and appointed family to this generation, to bring help and healing to those who will believe. It is a pleasure and a blessing to share with you, Jucara Peixoto, a beautiful “pearl” in God’s kingdom!

SHINE: Tell us about your family.

J: Family is a subject that I love to talk about, because it is a project from God. Marco and I got married over 30 years ago. God gave us three beautiful daughters: Julia, Lidia, and Rachel, who work with us full time in ministry. Julia is an anointed worship leader and also oversees our Youth Ministry (, which gathers thousands of young people in Brazil. Lidia works with excellence as Media Director in our church. Rachel is passionate about the social projects that our church has been developing.

SHINE: How did you and Pastor Marco meet?

J: Marco and I were officially introduced to each other on the night he got saved. I have always loved to evangelize and invite everyone to church. He came to church accompanying a friend who had been invited to the service. Marco was the only one who responded to the altar call that night. From that moment on, God started a powerful work in his life and so began our story.

SHINE: When did you know you were called into the ministry?

J: At the age of 16, even without yet fully understanding the kingdom of God, I already knew that I had been called to help people and cooperate with the beautiful work of God on Earth. In the 1980s, Pastor Marco and I answered the challenge to pastor, founding the church in Rio de Janeiro which would later become the headquarters of our international ministry.

SHINE: Tell us about this wonderful city in which you and your family pastor.

J: Brazil is a fascinating country for its natural beauty and joyful people. It has the largest biodiversity on the planet, which allows us a very rich diet, full of nutrients and diverse and wonderful fruits. Rio de Janeiro is known for its beaches, mountains, and its delightful climate throughout the year. It is a large city known for recent and upcoming international events, such as the World Cup (2014) and the Olympic Games in 2016. We believe it will be known even more for the great revival that will come out of it!

SHINE: What aspect of ministry do you enjoy the most?

J: What I appreciate the most about my work is to see the impossible become possible. I love seeing the transformation in people’s lives and in their families. I love seeing the impossible happen when people believe God for it!

SHINE: As part of a senior pastorate team, I’m sure you are quite busy. What are your responsibilities in the church?

J: As founders of the ministry in Rio de Janeiro, all our lives have been dedicated to the expansion of the kingdom of God. I work full time alongside Pastor Marco in the church’s leadership, supervising churches, speaking at the church, at our Leadership Bible School, and preaching in Brazil and in other countries. I have dedicated my life to raising up women in our country and empowering them to live their roles as Christian women in the 21st century.

SHINE: Pastor Marco travels extensively, do you travel with him? If so, what destination is your favorite to visit?

J: I like to travel with him as much as possible, because we love spending time together. To build the kingdom of God by his side is my greatest reward. I love traveling! It’s hard to choose a place as my favorite. But if I had to choose one place, I would say Europe because of the historical context (I can also find the best coffee there!).

SHINE: Pastor Marco has a wonderful sense of humor. Is there lots of laughter in your home?

J: Yes! I believe that good humor is a God-given gift to men. The Bible says that God laughs. Good humor eases the hard times and it’s the oil that greases the wheel!

SHINE: How did your women’s ministry get started?

J: God has been doing an amazing work among the women in Brazil through the Heiress Women’s Conference. Sometimes I am overwhelmed to see where God has been taking us and what He has chosen to do through our lives. It all started so small and in a very simple environment. Now we are facing the challenge of finding a place in the city that can accommodate all the women who have been coming from all parts of Brazil and other countries. Each year they have been attending in greater number. This year’s conference was held in a wonderful place with a capacity for 18,000 women, and it was completely packed.

SHINE: That is quite a large number! What do you attribute this to?

J: We see the dramatic transformation in women’s lives as one of the reasons for the growth of the conference. Women are always inspired by the example of others. Whether it is in a small conversation or in a large conference, I’m always looking for an opportunity to show other women how God helps me to overcome my own limitations. He can do the same thing for them! He is the same God today and His love is the greatest love that exists.

SHINE: What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?

J: I love decorating! I love to refresh and change the atmosphere. Small changes sometimes make a great difference. I also like to play sports and discover new recipes.

SHINEWhat is your favorite book?

J: My favorite book is The Bible. I read it every moment of the day that I can. The Bible is beautiful and as relevant today as when it was first written. I’m also currently reading an amazing book by T.D. Jakes called, The Lady, Her Lover and Her Lord.

SHINEWhat is your message for today’s Christian woman?

J: For today’s Christian woman, I would say—keep yourself focused and don’t get distracted. Today’s world offers so much information; many things are seeking our attention and trying to occupy our minds. The only person who has all the necessary information to our complete fulfillment is the Holy Spirit. Start today and maintain a daily relationship with Him and you will see great things begin to happen in your life! God bless you!




  1. Love this article. Especially love the last statement in the last paragraph: “The only person who has all the necessary information to our complete fulfillment is the Holy Spirit.”

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