Vision de Brillance

Word of Life Christian Center hosted the event, “Vision de Brillance” with special guest speaker, Terri Savelle Foy on Sun., Feb. 25th. As the guests entered the foier (foyer) they were greeted with warmth and charm by our amazing “Dames” (Ladies) who wore special French attire, including beautiful Français hats for welcoming our guests. The ambiance in the foier was truly French with statues of the iconic Eiffel Tower, accented with balloons, and shades of pink, black, and white. The guests were also greeted with sparkling gold apple cider in champagne glasses.

The French menu for the evening consisted of Coq au Vin (Braised Chicken and Mushrooms), Fromage Fort with Toasted Baguettes served with Warm Cheese Spread-Fondue/Whipped Butter, Brochette de Fromage- (cheese skewers), Brochette de Fruits-Livre Quatre (Fruit Skewers/Pound Cake) and French-influenced Fresh Salad.

And if that wasn’t enough to please the palate, there were assorted French pastries and a chocolate fountain with an assortment of fruit and cake squares for dipping. The wonderful buffet of food was prepared by Chef Danon Gale who created a most excellent presentation!

Everything was very Français!  The decorations included oversized wall hangings of the Eiffel Tower on the large church windows. There were photos of the Mona Lisa, Paris, and the French countryside. The food tables were decorated with pink lights, Eiffel Towers, and French statues which added accents of French flair to the ambiance of the evening!  A beautiful candy bar with assorted jars of candy was a hit with everyone—not just the children!  Bags were filled with assorted gummies, jelly beans, rock candy, and mint candies, in beautiful shades of bright pink, light pink, and white. The line was very long as it is such a popular attraction, but no one seemed to care about the wait!

Upon moving from the foier into the auditorium to hear our very special guest speaker, Terri Savelle Foy, the first thing that caught the eye was the absolutely amazing French style chandelier hanging high from the ceiling!  This added feature was created by Milli Clopine and her decorating team. The chandelier was stunning, and it brought an elegance to the evening as you can see from the pictures below. Each person was given a handout and a small favor bag with an Eiffel Tower that lights up. The guests at these events are always treated with such love! It is a pleasure to attend any event at Word of Life Christian Center. Even the children’s area had a French Bistro area set that was adorable! Artiste Laura Ilg taught the children how to paint the Eiffel Tower like French artists. They created masterpieces! Annie Brown, the children’s director, made sure that all the children received a teaching about God dreams and she even gave them all little French gifts to take home. The teens were also inspired to fulfill their God dreams as Gerardo and Lorraine Cordero led them in the Word. They had fun giveaways and pizza at this great family event night!

Children’s Ministry

Teen Ministry

At family events like this one, there are always bountiful giveaways. The baskets included product from Terri Savelle Foy, with many Paris themed items, along with jewelry from Radiant Chic Designs, and gift certificates to MiMi’s Café.

The amazing featured speaker, Terri Savelle Foy—the cheerleader of dreams—presented a challenging and inspiring teaching on how to Achieve Your Dreams. Habakkuk 2:2 says to write the vision and make it plain. Terri inspired the audience to write their dreams and goals down and to create a vision board so that their goals are always visible!  Terri’s teaching was informative, uplifting, and challenging for those who want to succeed in life and strive for bigger and better dreams and accomplishments. Terri also has a heart for the people of France to come to know the Lord Jesus Christ, and Pastor Bagwell encouraged everyone to give generously toward this mission. The French décor throughout the building was a giant vision board reflecting Terri’s heart for France. It truly inspired the people to pray for and to give what God placed in their hearts to support Terri’s mission to take the gospel to the nation of France. The challenge was met with great response!

This was a “tres jolie” evening that ministered to hundreds of people!


  1. Dana Oliver says:

    I miss those wonderful Gayla events, they are truly and events that are unforgettable.

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