The 11th edition of SHINE magazine was released during the holidays and was a huge success—God truly graced us on that beautiful night! Thank you to everyone who came out to the release event for the “Grace Edition.” The SHINE production team worked hard on this edition and we pray it blesses and encourages you! Ladies, we welcome your feedback! Please take a moment and leave a comment about what you liked the best about this edition, and what inspired you the most. What was your favorite article or photo? Which article ministered to you deeply? What would you like to see in future editions? We want to hear from you! You can leave a comment below, or send your comments to:

If you haven’t purchased the latest edition, you can do so by clicking the button in the right sidebar or directly at Word of Life Christian Center, or by calling the office at 303-798-5025. Remember, SHINE Magazine makes a great gift and is a beautiful way to share the Gospel. Thank you for your continued support of SHINE Magazine and the SHINE blog!

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