The Words of a Mother

If you knew that your words would shape and mold someone into who they are today, would you be more careful to choose what you say? Or would you change the way you said it, knowing that every word was heard by someone you cared for…that they would listen to those words and then learn how to act and respond just by following after you?

I think too often that we (myself included!) just say words and utter our thoughts and opinions so quickly that we don’t realize the power behind them. Proverbs 18:21 reminds us that, “The tongue has the power of life and death” (NIV). This is a very strong statement! What you saycan cause someone to rise up from the dead and feel like they can conquer the world, or it can suck the life out of someone and cause them to shrink back and become insecure. We need to start evaluating who is around us and ask ourselves, “Does my speech bring life or death to this person?”

Some of the most important people in our lives may become our punching bags. We become so comfortable with them that we allow our mouths to just run wild when we are around them and utterly hurt them by the words we speak. It is in the safety of one’s own home that a person can feel empowered or discouraged.

I grew up in a wonderful household. My father loved family time and always put his family first, and my mother was a stay-at-home mom who cared for us day in and day out. I am thankful that they took the time each day to speak those words of life into me. Now that I am older, I realize that it was the words that were spoken to me by my parents as a child, teenager, and now young adult that really helped define who I am today. It was those life-giving words that helped me become a stronger woman of God who desires to seek after Him at all times.

Ever since I was little, my mom especially has always spoken words of life into me. I feel as though my mom was the head cheerleader of who I was, and she always cheered me on, wanting to see me succeed. No matter the mistakes that I made, I knew she would always love me and care for me. How powerful is the love of a mother! It touches a child’s heart in ways that words can’t express.

I can remember an especially difficult season of my life when I felt pressed on every side, not knowing what was up, down, right, or left. I can remember feeling lost and crying out to God every night, asking for strength, with tears running down my face. It was during this time that the relationship between my mother and me grew, and she cared for me in a way for which I couldn’t thank her enough. She was the one who came into my room every night and prayed with me. She was the one who just held me in her arms and said, “God is going to bring you through; you are going to make it.” It was my mom who snuck into my room late (when she thought I was sleeping) to pray for God to surround me with His love and help me through this hard time. I feel as though my mom was a direct extension of God’s heart – His hands to comfort me in that very difficult season. Her words of encouragement were just what Proverbs 16:24 says: “Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones” (NIV).  There is power behind the words of a mother. I can’t thank my mother enough because, not only did she encourage and comfort me, but she directed me to the Lord as well. She knew that she could only do so much and that the Lord was the one who would ultimately heal my heart and restore my soul.

On the contrary, there are some people that have not been as fortunate. They didn’t have the words of life coming from their mother. Instead, they were tremendously hurt by them and felt as if they were not around. Working with different young girls over the years as well as seeing the effects in close friends of mine, not having the life-giving words of a mother impacts a child tremendously. Ultimately, because they didn’t hear words of love, encouragement, support, wisdom, and compassion from their mothers, they end up looking elsewhere for these words of affirmation. They start looking to the wrong people and listening to the wrong voices. Don’t allow someone else to be the primary voice that your child listens to. Be the strong and godly voice that shows them the way to go.

We can learn so much from our mothers and can’t forget the impact that they make in our lives. I am a prime example of how the words of a mother empowered her daughter to be the woman God has called her to be. As I have grown older, I have realized that I need my mother more than I did before. She has already been where I am going and has already done the things I am starting. So, I need her to continue to speak words of life into me just as she did when I was a child.

Mamas, we need you! Mamas, we need you more than we ever have before. We are starting a new season of our life and can’t do it without your love and guidance. We need the encouraging words that you speak to remind us that we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength. We need your love to remind us that no matter what happens or what situation comes that there are always arms open wide for us to run to. We need your laughter because only you can make the silly jokes that make us laugh and smile in a way no one else can. We need your correction; we are going to try new things, say the wrong words, or mess up in some way or another, but we need the voice of wisdom and guidance to help us along the way. We need your support, for when we know that you are behind us, we feel as though we can mount up like an eagle and soar. We need your hand to help us up when we have fallen and to show us who our source is and where our help comes from. We need your mercy; sometimes we will push you away and act as though we may know it all, but we don’t, and we still need you to be there to help us through. We need you to believe in us because we have dreams and hopes for the future, and we need you to pray and believe with us that they will come to pass. We need you to teach us how to be a godly wife, mother, daughter, and friend. We need you to teach us how to have faith and believe that all things work together for good. Just remember that every prayer you prayed has helped make us into who we are today. Every tear you cried with us meant the world to us. Every time you put us before yourself, we saw, and we can’t thank you enough. Every word of encouragement you spoke was planted deep inside our soul. So keep being who you are because no matter how old we get, we will always need a role model. We will always need you.



  1. Pat Barhite says:

    What words of encouragement, thank you Michelle, and thank you Ruby.

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