In the Waiting

In a practical way, I want to show you how God’s grace works in our everyday lives. Have you been waiting on God to answer something, or several somethings, for a very long time? Aren’t most of us in a “waiting” mode about one thing or another?

As I contemplated God’s grace, He reminded me of His grace in my life, in a very specific way over the past twenty-plus years. I know that when you wait on answers to your prayers, it is extremely easy to start believing things like “It will never happen,” or “I’m foolish to keep believing for this,” or “God must not want this for me because He hasn’t answered me,” or “Did I originally hear Him correctly?” This list could go on with all the doubts and fears that delays cause us to think about. I have been one who, at times, has grown weary in waiting for God’s promises to come to pass. 

This is where His grace, which I have described as God’s Redemptive, Abundant Compassion Expressed, helps us in our season of waiting. For instance, you might be in one of those doubt-filled, fear-overtaking-you days, and the Father will cause you to read something that perfectly fits how you are feeling. Then suddenly, doubt and fear are washed away and your faith is back on track. Or, you might hear from a friend who has just the right word of encouragement that brings you out of your momentary discouragement. Another possibility is that God may answer a smaller request, which raises your faith to a new level, to enable you to keep on believing Him for the “larger” requests.

But we should realize His grace empowers us to continue to believe His Word and His promises. Eventually, that moment of the answer, the solution, the suddenly, or the promise fulfilled—arrives. Then we can look back and see all the times His grace caused us to grow in our faith and trust in Him to a point where we lay hold of and celebrate His goodness in granting our requests.

This is just one of many moments in which God grants us His grace in order to grow in our relationship with Him! So don’t give up! Learn to watch for His grace working in your life.  Sometimes we have to hunt for the treasure before we actually possess it. Have fun treasure hunting, because God’s grace truly is sufficient (2 Cor. 12:9).

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