Recently, Word of Life hosted a Gayla Family Event in which we were extremely honored to have Pastor Miriam Phillips speak on “He Restores My Soul.”  The evening was created as a “spa” experience visually.  As we walked into the foyer everything was done in Kentucky blue with white, filmy draperies hanging above.  There were also calming large posters of refreshing blue ocean waters that were hung to create the ambience of a spa experience. Many of the greeters were spritzing guests arriving with cucumber scented spray that was very refreshing!

The food was prepared by Chef Marion from The Metropolitan Grill, who prepared a menu fitting for a spa experience. Everything was super delicious and well prepared, pleasing to the eye and palate! A wonderful choice of delicacies, which were very spa-like.  After relaxing and enjoying our beautifully prepared sandwiches, fruit salads and exquisite desserts, we were offered a packet of moistened toweletts to refresh ourselves delivered to us by ladies carrying them on trays.  It truly felt like we were at a high-end spa.

The auditorium was decorated to create the welcoming experience of a “spa” and the center of the stage held a large bathtub with “bubbles” in it. There were also large Grecian columns with flowing white material that surrounded the beautiful tub. The lighting and the ambiance truly lifted us into a refreshing atmosphere.

We then had a time of beautiful worship including the song “You Bring Restoration,” and others by the Word of Life worship team. Alex Brown and the worship team also performed a beautiful rendition of Psalm 23 and the presence of God swept in and ministered to all who were there.  Psalm 23 was the scripture used for this event which so accurately reflects restoration of our souls.

Before bringing Pastor Miriam on to speak, there was a “giveaway” time in which 6 spa-like baskets were given away to 6 special women.  The baskets were created by Karlyn Johnson and they were absolutely beautiful!

Every lady in attendance was given a blue organza favor bag which included a very large blue bath bomb as well as a seaside candle that was tied with a tag quoting Psalm 23:3:  “He restoreth my soul:  He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness for His name’s sake.” (KJV)  What a beautiful keepsake for use in our own personal spa experience at home!


Pastor Gayla then introduced our guest speaker, Pastor Miriam Phillips from River of Life Church in Jacksonville, North Carolina. Pastor Miriam brought an excellent message of hope and restoration. The anointing upon her teaching brought clarity of ways our souls are wounded. She ministered in God’s word on how God can break generational curses that have held us back and caused ongoing issues in our lives. God is the restorer of our souls!

This event concluded with Pastor Miriam ministering to many women who received healing for their souls by the removing of trauma, sorrow and many other effects that are experienced in life.   Without a healthy soul, your body cannot be whole. God is the healer of soul wounds and He truly is able to make us whole in every area of our lives. It was a blessing to have this glorious evening of revelation and healing.

Truly, we all felt renewed, refreshed, and restored from our evening at “God’s Spa!”





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