Then Sings My Soul – Family Event Recap

In celebration of the Christmas season, Word of Life presented a “Then Sings My Soul” family event which was hosted by Pastors Tim and Gayla Bagwell. What a musical extravaganza this was and there was not a better way to carry us through the holidays than with a new song in our hearts celebrating the season and the reason for true melody in our hearts, Jesus.

The celebration began with enjoying fellowship and friendship with one another in the lobby and feasting on the delicacies prepared by Chef Justin Hopp.  It was the perfect cold weather evening to enjoy homemade Roasted Tomato “Tempo” Soup, and Chicken Noodle “Ninth Chord” Soup  which were absolutely delicious!  Chef Justin also prepared the following “musically infused” menu along with the soups:

Toasted Ham & Gouda “Music Melts”
Smokey “Sustain” Salmon
“Bass Drum” Butternut Flat Bread
Spinach & Tomato “Quarter Note” Baked Puff Pastry
Drum Sticks & Guitar Strings
Chocolate Fountains with fresh fruit, and “angelic choir” scratch marshmallows
Poached Pear & Apple “Tenor” Torte

The decorations were music themed and the atmosphere was very festive with a live band providing background music.

After enjoying all the delicious food, we were welcomed into the sanctuary.  The women received favors of a thermal coffee mug that reads, “Then Sings My Soul.” It has music notes all over it with a white chocolate peppermint stick inside to go with a packet of Ghirardelli hot chocolate!  The men received caramel popcorn balls.

The stage was truly a spectacular sight decorated with a baby grand piano in the middle that had pink and purple flowers flowing out of it! Everything had a purple hue with purple lights and purple and silver decorations on the trees. There were also musical notes displayed all over the walls in the large auditorium, and a giant hand crafted chandelier hanging from the ceiling! The creative artisans that capture Gayla Bagwell’s vision and create these artistic visions are beyond compare and truly make the teaching come alive!

There was a lovely time of worship with singing about God’s new song. A powerful video was shown of Carrie Underwood singing an amazing rendition of “How Great Thou Art.”

There were also giveaways for the women and the men.  The women received beautiful purple and silver gift baskets of music and beauty products. They had to answer questions about Christmas and biblical music to win a gift. The men received gift cards to favorite “men preferred” restaurants and men’s retail stores for $50 each. They also had to answer questions to win. It was a lot of fun as everyone was laughing and running to the front with their answers to win the wonderful gift giveaways!

Pastors Tim and Gayla taught together the wonderful subject of, “Then Sings My Soul.”

Gayla shared from her soul with great passion that God truly spoke to her that it is time for a new song in our lives! She declared to all of us that it is time to, “Sing, Sing, Sing!” Ps.96:1 and Ps. 98:1 tells us we are to sing to the Lord a new song! There are over 400 references in the bible about singing and God’s song. Gayla reminded us that singing doesn’t have to do with just our voice, but our redeemed soul. We are to praise and sing to the Lord often!

Pastor Tim then shared the 7 Hebrew words for praise. He also gave reference to all of the accounts of the great songs recorded in the bible. He emphasized the importance of music and singing throughout the entire word of God. Pastor Tim declared over and over that praise breaks the chains in our lives! Pastor Tim and Gayla both shared the details of the incredible story of Paul and Silas in Acts 16. What a glorious example of how suffering and despair is broken with singing and praise!

This wonderful musical evening was a perfect way to start off the Christmas season with our hearts and minds focused on “singing” as we sing unto the Lord a new song! Jesus is truly the Reason for the season.

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