The Creation of She Blossomed:

Karla Dornacher, the creator of this art piece, shares the story behind this beautiful piece of art:

Some of the leaves in the flowers are collaged from vintage sheet music and some are from the story of Joseph in the Bible. It’s through the combination of God’s Word and “worship” that we are truly able to blossom, even in the midst of our most painful struggles. You can even see in one of the leaves it says that the favor of the Lord was upon Joseph. I love to share how nowhere in scripture do you read about Joseph being depressed or angry about his circumstances; instead, because Joseph trusted the Lord, God’s favor was not only with him, but evident to all those around him. So often we ask God to deliver us from our problems, but God did not deliver Joseph out of Israel. God raised him up in the midst of his circumstances and, not only blessed him there, but also used him to be a blessing and deliver his own people out of bondage. This truth really ministered to me the first time I studied Joseph and brought great healing to my own heart.  It is in our confidence of how great and loving our God is and who He is to us, in us, and through us, that we too are able to walk in the favor of the Lord and BLOSSOM!

Purchase this incredible piece of art or other beautiful designs by Karla Dornacher by visiting


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