Healing in God’s Storehouse

At the age of fifty-nine, I was leading a healthy and active life. I had a full-time job, enjoyed taking weekend road trips, went hiking with friends, and loved spending time with my children and grandchildren. As if I weren’t busy enough, I also eagerly served in multiple ministries with my church family.

In the spring of 2010, my life abruptly changed. I had begun experiencing trouble maintaining my balance when standing or walking. Determined not to allow anything to slow me down, I continued on, expecting the symptoms to eventually fade away. One morning I left for work, although I was not feeling well. By lunchtime I began having serious problems maintaining my balance, and my boss told me that I could no longer work that day. Deciding to seek medical attention, I struggled to drive myself to the doctor’s office. When the doctors saw my condition, they immediately called an ambulance.

The doctors at the hospital agreed with the call and admitted me for testing. My condition worsened, and I had to be propped up just to sit without falling over. I needed assistance to eat, get dressed, or even take one step. The doctors ran a myriad of tests, but were puzzled by my condition. With no real answers, they resigned to diagnose me with symptoms of hysterical ataxia. In simple terms this means the loss of the ability to coordinate muscular movement.

After my five-day stay at the hospital, I was released to the care of a nursing home. Here, I was taught to use a gait belt, which helped me to maintain balance. I learned to use a wheelchair and a walker. The doctors told me that I would likely live with this challenge for the rest of my life. As much as I loved to drive, I was told that I would never enjoy that luxury again. Once released from the nursing home, I returned to my second-floor apartment to begin an entirely different life. Physical therapists came to my home three times a week and I received a disability pass for the bus system. Suddenly, I was homebound; my family and friends were devastated to see me in this state.

Even though much of my time was spent lying in bed crying, my heart was set on praising and trusting God. I purposed to be a light to doctors and nurses that I came into contact with. For example, I once was speaking to a young nurse who shared with me that she was having marital problems. When I encouraged her to pray to the Lord about it, she admitted that she had never prayed before. She allowed me to share the Lord’s Prayer with her!

Friends, family, and church members prepared meals for me. Simple daily activities were no longer simple. I continued to read my Bible and saturate myself with worship music. One day while in bed reading my Bible, something supernatural happened.

I was reading Daniel 6:4-7, which speaks of the assembly that was gathered against Daniel. Those who were against Daniel could find no fault in him, so they established a decree that would punish him if he was found praying to his God. My spirit rose up in righteous anger! God revealed to me, “Surely if these mencould decree a ‘trap’ against a man in whom they could find no fault, then you can decree for Meto heal you in thirty days!”

Just as Daniel was delivered from the lion’s den, I knew that I would walk again! Over the next few weeks, God affirmed His promise, and within thirty days, I actually began to walk! Over the course of the next year, God performed a progressive miracle that ultimately restored me to total health. Praise God!

My season of infirmity was a challenging one, but God was with me every step of the way. In that process of challenge, healing, and victory, He has given me a wonderful platform to share the amazing love of Jesus Christ. There is healing in God’s storehouse!


  1. I found this story almost 3 years ago when I too lost my ability to walk. I was dying from liver failure and ESRD. I was miraculously transplanted a few days before my demise. I revisit this story often. Only now, I have accepted the grace that healed me. I wish everyone could be inspired by your journey. I certainly was through my tears and fear. God bless.

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