The Healthy Exchange


As wise and beautiful women who allow our footsteps to be directed by the Lord, we need to search the Word and find out what God has to say about health. Is it His will that we be in good health? How do we obtain it? Will it benefit our lives on earth? It is not uncommon to see children eating the majority of their meals from a bag shoved out of a drive-thru window, consuming sugary and chemically-laden drinks, bagged chips, cookies, crackers, and cereals. Kids rarely drink water and very few know what ‘real’ food tastes like. Unfortunately, what our kids see is parents too busy to eat breakfast, eating super-sized value meals for lunch, and drinking scores of coffees and energy drinks just to get through the day. Does a lack of time justify our destructive patterns?

There may be endless reasons why you think you can’t invest the extra time to raise a healthier family, or even a healthier you, but whatever the reasons may be, they shouldn’t be your excuse. I, like many of you, had to let go of many excuses and realize that it was my responsibility to set an example by taking care of myself, my family, and our natural bodies as “…the temple of the Holy Ghost…” (1 Corinthians 6:19 KJV).

By prioritizing my life and valuing God’s Word, I am sowing precious seed as I mindfully take time to raise a healthy generation.. As women of God, we can no longer sit back and knowingly destroy our bodies and cause our children to grow up in a body that is breaking down before they even have a chance to grow up. Every season of our life will require different time investments, but no matter what our status is in life: mom, single, divorced, working, or stay-at-home, we must realize that taking time for you and your family is the best investment you can make.

Trading in my desires for God’s desires was the most beautiful exchange I have ever made. It has become the most fulfilling and satisfying journey. If you want to raise a healthy family according to God’s Word, it’s time you make the exchange, knowing it will make you beautiful in the eyes of your family and in the eyes of God. That is truly a beautiful life!

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Book References:

Live Long. Finish Strong by Gloria Copeland The Maker’s Diet by Jordan Rubin

The Seven Pillars of Health by Don Colbert, MD

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