The Icing On The Cake

What a great weekend SHINE Ministries hosted for the ladies at Word of Life Christian Center! The ICING Event was the first ladies’ event since the COVID-19 quarantine, and it was a huge success!

On Friday and Saturday, the 4th-5th of September, Terry Savelle Foy held her annual ICING Event in Dallas, Texas, and for the first time offered the event via live streaming. Forty-eight states and many countries all participated in the event. ICING Women’s Event is where thousands of women come together to get the recipe to live their dreams. It’s two days of motivational teaching, fun, worship, and many other surprises. Since 2010, ICING has been the conference to ignite dreams and goals in women from all over the world as they get the biblical tools they need to pursue their God-given purpose. This year is ICING’s tenth anniversary! Congratulations to Terri and her ICING team! Streaming the event was so gracious as many still are not able to travel and were able to benefit from her powerful and exciting event.

To kick off ICING, the doors opened at 5:15 on Friday night, and the ladies were welcomed by a wonderful greeting team of ladies wearing pink hair! This added some fun as we had to adhere to the COVID-19 regulations by having their temperatures checked and to ensure everyone was wearing their mask and following the social distancing guidelines. Once this was complete, the ladies walked into the foyer decorated in the signature color for the event—pink! The first one-hundred ladies received a swag bag provided by Terry Savelle Foy Ministries and then they were greeted by pink cupcakes! Cupcakes are the iconic symbol of the ICING event and the ladies received an individual wrapped cupcake in a very cute pink and white polka-dot box. The cupcakes were displayed on beautifully decorated tables with café awnings and paper lantern cupcakes. The yummy cupcakes were enjoyed with LaCroix Sparkling water in various refreshing flavors. Even more fun were the servers at the cupcake and beverage tables also wearing pink hair—and pink gloves! The ladies attending looked beautiful and festive as most of them wore pink as well. It was definitely a pink ICING event!

The ladies entered the sanctuary to giant silver letters spelling out ICING and pretty pink paper lanterns and giant inflatable cupcakes! The live stream began at 6 PM and the anticipation was felt as the event was underway! Pastor Gayla Bagwell greeted the women and opened in prayer. The ICING event began with praise and worship from Terri’s worship team, but due to a few technical difficulties from the streaming host, Pastor Gayla spoke to the women and introduced Pastor Bagwell to give a message. She had a playlist ready and lead the women in a beautiful time of praise and worship. It was truly a glorious time and it prepared the hearts of the women to receive from the Lord. The live stream feed came back up and we joined the praise and worship service happening in Dallas. After a few opening announcements, Terri, the “cheerleader of dreams” was introduced and appeared in a beautiful bright yellow ruffled dress and hot pink shoes! She opened the event with several encouraging and motivational tips on how to dream and see your dreams fulfilled and gave many testimonies of people who were touched by her teachings and saw their dreams and goals fulfilled. Her opening message was so inspiring! Then she introduced (a man who needs no introductions!) her dad, Jerry Savelle. He is one of the best preachers and of course Terri’s favorite!

Jerry Savelle inspired everyone as he taught about the favor of God. This was such a powerful teaching as he shared the ten benefits of the favor of God and how it manifests in the life of a believer. The teaching was so good that Terri presented her father with the “takes the cake” award and gave him a trophy—a cake in the shape of a football! She bestowed it upon him because as she says, “He takes the cake in preaching!”

During a break in the live stream, SHINE Ministries had some fun giveaways. Some blessed women along with three teen aged girls walked away with a fun basket of goodies. They were, of course, pink too. The ladies who won received a pink basket with yummy smelling bath and body products that are sure to pamper. The teens also won a pink basket with some fun products as well, along with a cute hot pink sequence cosmetic bag with some super cute lip gloss and other fun accessories.

Terri taught again after her father and gave four keys to reaching your dreams and goals to close out the Friday night session. What an amazing first night!

Saturday morning had a fresh and early start with the doors opening at 8:15 AM. Instead of pink cupcakes, the women enjoyed pink frosted donuts and orange juice! It was a fun way to start the Saturday session! ICING opened with a few announcements and then praise and worship to prepare the atmosphere for all to receive from God. One of Terri’s dear friends, Debra George, gave a testimony of how she came to the Lord which was very compelling and powerful. She also spoke about how she ministers in some of the dark places to trafficked women who are stuck on the streets. She had many in tears as she testified to God’s powerful deliverance in so many women’s lives. She gave an opportunity for the ladies to receive Christ if they never had before or for those who have lost their way and are not serving God, to recommit their lives to Him. We had many ladies in our sanctuary stand and received Christ as their Savior! It was such a wonderful and powerful time in the Lord, and we give Him the praise and glory for every life touched!

Terri taught the Saturday session and inspired the women to see their dreams, write them down, believe God, and take action to see them come to fruition in their lives. Terri lives up to her moto as the “cheerleader of dreams,” as she inspired the ladies to write down their dreams and goals and were refreshed by the Holy Spirit. When we are in His Word and seek His presence, we receive abundantly from Him. What an amazing teaching to close out the ICING Event! Her impact on the ladies was awesome.

This ICING Event was a fun time of fellowship for the ladies. It was refreshing to be able to fellowship (while social distancing!) with their friends who many had not seen in quite a while due to COVID, and it was an awesome time in the Lord. Many have felt their dreams were dead and God brought them back to life again, Hallelujah! As the ladies made their way out, they each received a cotton candy-flavored popcorn ball—pink of course!

SHINE Ministries had so much fun hosting the ICING Event and we are thankful for all who made it possible and for all the women who came out to be a part of this amazing event. Seeing you all was definitely “Icing on the cake!”

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