The Pearl

A Pearl of great price I have heard it told, Is Your Kingdom since the days of old, A treasure far above diamonds or gold.

A Pearl of great price, the Scripture reads, Not like you’d find on an ordinary strand of beads— Seek Me and you will find Me as the Holy Spirit leads.

Oh Lord how can I buy this Pearl of which I hear? Come my daughter, I’ll tell you, come and draw near. Now what is this that I hear? When I heard, it made my eyes to tear.

I cried, Lord I am not worthy, I have nothing at all!

Yes, the Lord replied that’s why my Son was born, And later for His body to be bruised beaten and torn. But what can I give for this Pearl of great price? I haven’t any jewels, aroma, or spice.

My daughter don’t you know I have set you apart, The best gift to give Me, you know is your heart, I have told you through My Written Word, I have told you but you haven’t really heard, You don’t need jewels, aroma, or spice— My daughter, you too, are a pearl of great price.

My Son looked on you even though you were bad, And decided you were a treasure He had to have, So He came to the world and was born in a manger, He paid with His Blood—you are no longer a stranger.

So my daughter the message is clear, Go now and tell all that will hear, Search for Me, seek Me with all of your heart, soul, strength, and mind, I have called you My own, I Am one of a kind.

Search for Me, the Pearl of Great Price. By Piper Green ©2003 – 2017


  1. Beautiful!

  2. Peggy McGinn says:

    Piper, this is beautiful! The conversation between God and this young woman brought tears to my eyes and blessed me!
    Peggy McGinn💕💕

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